Full Moon Alert (in Sagittarius)

14 June 2022 12:51 PM (UK).

The full moon this month is in Sagitarius at 23° opposite the Sun in Gemini (also 23 degrees), added in to this is a third wheel, making it a T-Square with Neptune. This is a mutable placement, with the missing element being the deep waters of Scorpio.

Background info-
Mercury has just situated back into Gemini, Venus is 19° in Taurus, Mars is 15° in areas and Jupiter is also an areas at 5°. Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius, Uranus 17° in Taurus and Neptune is 25° Pisces. Finishing things off we have Pluto retrograde in Capricorn at 28° – a song that we have heard quite a bit before.

Aspects to note:
The T square consists of the full Moon opposition between Gemini Sun and Sagittarian moon, along with both of these aspects squaring Neptune between 88°-91°. The Gemini- Sagittarius opposition is linked to the emotional side of the self that is guided by the mind. For Gemini this can be described as being the lower mind (this is not a slight on Gemini) and Sagittarius can be considered as the higher mind-think higher learning/higher perspective, etc. Whilst these two were going blow for blow, Neptune is not acting as an innocent bystander and is trying to interject itself.

This is not necessarily useful for Neptune to do. Neptune is associated with being the visionary but can be as much of a hindrance as a help when it comes to deciphering any higher learning mysticism, because Neptune and especially in Pisces is prone to either being deceived or deceiving itself.

Venus conjuncts Uranus at this time, which means that Venus and Uranus trying to lend a hand to Jupiter’s interference but from afar (well, 60º). This placement should provide constructive assistance in matters dealing with your understanding of situations. We are still in a time of understanding what has really been going on and seeing what revelations are coming out. And they are coming out! The Moon is sextiled with Saturn in Aquarius, which should bring some stability to the home and/or family.


Normally for any T-square, you would look for the missing element, in this instance water and Scorpio, but the sun and moon opposition is the strongest combination and quite rightly demand more respect in this reading.The challenge with working through issues at the time of the full moon like this, is knowing which part is real and certainly because of the Jupiter aspect what is illusion. As I normally say with most for means it is a great time to be doing meditation, journalling and any energy work. This is one of the two full moons that is mental, with the other one being thisone in reverse.

The challenge from this one is from the Sun’s qualities of Gemini being faced up by the higher purpose and elarning from Jupiter. The Full Moon does invite you to expand your knowledge, your though processes, which can be exciting and encourage you to drop everything to go on the adventure, see the unknown, etc. Solar Gemini energy is concerned with the immediate world, close friends/inner circles and family. The challenge is to stay open and grounded at the same time to receive the full benefit of this Full Moon experience. From a clear, grounded mature space, your intuition will help you through this.

Good luck! And see you on the other side! Injoy, Phoenix ❤

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