Astro_The PlanetsSUN – The Self
Rules: Leo, Numbers: 1 & 8, Day: Sunday, Metal(s): Gold, Brass

The sun, worshipped by so many over so many years, governs your character.  The sun determines power and vitality, life and growth. It gives us a day of resting out in the sunshine- Sunday. Is both the creator and destructor with its fire and heat. 

MOON – Emotional Self
Rules: Cancer, Number: 2, Day: Monday, Metal(s): Silver, Aluminium

Emotions, imagination. The Moon controls the tides of our emotions like the oceans itself. The day named after it is, of course, Moonday! No wonder Monday mornings can be so emotional…

MERCURY – The Messenger
Rules: Gemini & Virgo, Numbers: none, Day: Tuesday, Metal(s): Mercury

Communicate, communicate, communicate! Yes, Mercury is the planet of Communication, expression – with yourself and others. It rules the area of mental powers. Does Tuesday seem better/easier at getting things done than Mondays? That’ll be the Mercury!

When Mercury goes retrograde, it is often seen as when things go awry- we say things we (perhaps) shouldn’t and printers and wifi can go up the spout. Travel plans can get messy and it is not seen as a good idea to move house/buy a house or something big like a car…
The upside to Mercury Retrograde is that people can come out of the woodwork and re-unite or people can disappear from your life that you really wanted to.

VENUS – The Lover
Rules: Taurus & Libra, Number:3 , Day: Wednesday, Metal(s): Copper, Bronze

She’s got it, yeah baby, she’s got it! Venus is the planet of beauty and harmony, appreciation of fine things. She is refined and harmonious.

Related to the Wed-nes-day, the day of marriage and relationships and the number three, Venus is the binder of love- yes, romantic love, but also to a lesser extent, unconditional love (see Neptune).

MARS – The Warrior
Rules: Aries,  Scorpio (partially) , Number: 5, Day: Thursday, Metal(s): Iron, Brass

The planet of our will. The planet of conflict- disagreement, aggression force and power.
Mars is also the planet of sex, the red planet, heat, fire… has links with THOR- Thursday is THORSday. 

JUPITER – The Mage
Rules: Sagittarius, Pisces (partially),  Number: 6, Day: Friday, Metal(s):Tin

Jupiter, The Mage, controls  luck and kindness, and is the guider of philosophy and expansion. Manifests magic. An adventurer, itself, it is fitting that Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Friday,  so party on, dudes!. Associated with the number 6.

SATURN- The Guide
Rules: Capricorn, Aquarius (partially) Number: 4, Day: Saturday, Metal(s): Lead, Iron and Steel

Saturn is the planet of lessons, of reason, logic and wisdom, responsible realistic. Saturn is the ruler of karma- cause and effect. 

URANUS – The Awakener
Rules: Aquarius, Number: 22 , Day: none, Metal(s): Uranium

Uranus is the transformer. The planet of change- singing bring on the chaos as it goes. Transformation, liberation and genius- bordering on psychopathy, anarchy and non-conformity.  Uranus, like the planet it governs- Aquarius can be difficult, nay impossible to tame- unless the sign is a very grounded one, like Virgo or Capricorn.

NEPTUNE – The Visionary
Rules: Pisces, Numbers: 7 & 11 , Day: none, Metal(s): Neptunian

BOOM! Neptune governs spirituality and religion. intuition and imagination. Higher perception. The ruler and governor or unconditional love. Mythologically, Neptune was the ruler of the oceans and the glyph represents his trident.

PLUTO – The Regenerator
Rules: Scorpio, Number: 0, Day: none, Metal(s): Plutonium

The unconscious, renewal, regeneration. Pluto welcomes the darkness, depth, shadow, Pluto defines how you relate to death, tackling your fears and fearlessness, guides your own ability psychoanalyze and affection for taboos.

Perhaps this is why NASA don’t want Pluto to be a planet, it sounds far too scary for some? Pluto is a brilliant guide and getting to know Pluto truly helps you to know yourself.


Want to know more? Why not try a natal chart from Phoenix?

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