Meditation  is a practice where an individual connects their mind to a mode of consciousness that is often ignored. Modern science is beginning to catch up to the benefits of meditating, it is being taught in certain schools to help train the mind to release and let go of tension, to allow clarity or peace to enter the mind.

Whilst meditation is often used by certain religions, the practice of meditation is not reserved to anyone of any particular faith or non-faith. The benefits of meditating are often debated and some will say it has no effect.  I would say to that- even if it simply provides a space for the individual to rest their mind- in our often busy, over-stimulating and somewhat confusing daily regimes- that is a wonderful thing.

meditation1Meditation can be used to clear the mind and ease many health concerns, such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. It may be done sitting, or in an active way—for instance, Buddhist monks involve awareness in their day-to-day activities as a form of mind-training. This never negates the need to seek out professional medical advice if it warrants it.

I have attended many groups over the years and am now very pleased to be running evenings as part of Leonie Cole’s group- The Spirit Tree. We genarall talk about the subject matter before entering into the meditation and finish off sharing our experiences over tea and biscuits.

Meditation Group (via Spirit Tree)

My Meditations (downloadable content)


Meditation Group
I run weekly meditation evenings in conjunction with the Spirit Tree Bristol, founded by the wonderfully talented Leonie Cole.

My topics range from the Ka Ba Sum Breath of Ra Meditation, to Astrology, Angels, Dissolving into the Light, 108 Breaths, Breathing Abundance and Working with Dragons. Leonie tends to do different subjects, including things like Faeries, Mediumship, Tea and Oracle Cards/Tarot,

We both offer courses in Reiki, and though I’d obviously prefer you to book with me, it is important to go with the Reiki Master that feels right for you. Leonie also does Shamballa Reiki , Past Life Regression, the Aquarius Ascension Programme and much more. I really enjoy working with her.

All meditations and most courses are advertised on the Spirit Tree  pages on


My Meditations
I use  guided meditations with different techniques, ones that I have picked up from others and ones that I have channeled through from source.

Please visit again soon as more downloadable content should be available soon.

Meditation Notes

Colour therapy notes (pdf file)