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Reiki is a hands-on energy therapy where the therapist acts as the channel for Ki, more commonly known as Chi or Qi (or also Universal Life Force) to the patient.

– Rei roughly translates as spirit ,or divine
– Ki roughly translates as vital energy, or breath of life, consciousness

Reiki originates from Japan, following a quest from a religious scholar (Mikao Usui). Although it started off as a Japanese practice, it has risen to become a global phenomenon. It is a practice of connecting to the universal life force and using that connection to help us remove our blocks and physical ailments.

Reiki is a gentle holistic therapy which means that it works with you on the four main aspects of your true self;

  • the physical
  • the emotional
  • the mental
  • the spiritual

Reiki can be delivered as a hands-on treatment, where the hands are placed in the best positions to treat energy centres (known as chakras) or it can also be delivered with hands away from the body, depending on the therapists intuitive guidance.

Reiki can also be sent to an individual (Distant Reiki) , when it is difficult for the recipient to physically get to see the therapist.  Distant Reiki is also an effective way to top up your energy levels and clear blockages (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) when you are asleep or resting at home.

What do I need to do?

For a Reiki  treatment, the client lays down on a treatment table (effectively a massage table) and the therapist places their hands on the specific parts of the body (as above). You just need to lay on the table and will be asked to turn over onto you front approximately half way through.

Music can be played in the background, but experience had shown me that working in silence appears to be more effective. You are free to talk at any time during the treatment.

It is not unusual for a patient to experience feeling slightly hot or cold during the treatment. This is a normal, good sign that the treatment is working effectively.

Do I need to be Spiritual for Reiki to work?

No. Reiki works on different levels and that includes the unconscious/subconscious or etherial levels. You don’t have to be spiritual or religious for Reiki to work. You do need to be open to receiving it and to want to heal the situation you are seeking Reiki for.

Reiki is not a religion, a defined spiritual practice (although it can be used as such) and is not a type of massage.

Why would I need Reiki?

Modern life can be harsh, fast and stressful. Everything has to be done yesterday.

Every day, you can take a battering on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual basis. Sometimes you can treat this by relaxing with friends and having a drink, but this sometimes will not go far enough. Reiki will treat the whole self, meaning a more thorough and wholesome approach to releasing the stress and toxins of everyday life. Reiki and also helps look after your aura field and look and sweeping the energetic debris that you find by day-to-day interactions.

Often just taking a pill won’t get rid of the problem, just place it somewhere else, be that mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Learning how to do Reiki for yourself

Reiki is something that anyone can learn to connect with. We all have that universal life force within us. Reiki is a techniques for using, drawing in that energy and using it for good. YOU can use it to help your own healing and for facilitating the healing of others.

I teach the first two degrees of Reiki (Reiki I/Reiki II) and although I am not teaching Reiki Masterships at the moment, I plan to in the future.

Check out my courses page for more details on the Reiki courses.Reiki_I_cert_I

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