What I Offer

Holistic therapies changed my life, transforming me holistically from being a fatigued- ill person, that the doctors said there was nothing to do for me to get better- to a very vibrant person. I think it can work for you too.

Your body has a natural instinct to heal. You get a cut or scratch, your body is looking to cover the wound, create a healing barrier to keep it safe and let yourself heal. Energy therapies look to accelerate your own natural healing process, not just in the way of cuts and scratches, but in the many states that we exist- Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

I tend to use a combination of hands-off and hands-on positions during my sessions. The versatility of this energy treatment is that it can be used to shift serious energetic blockages and help you shift into gear, gain clarity or it can just be a beautiful relaxing experience. It depends on the intent when you are doing the treatment. This is why I will normally ask if there is a specific reason why you’d like the Reiki treatment.

I sometimes include in treatments, the use of crystals, which help cleansing the body. The use of crystals with Reiki is a way of amplifying the energy and directing to where it needs to go. The crystals can also help with clarity and mental strength, etc.

Reiki and DragonStar healing can also be sent to an individual (Distant treatments) , when it is difficult for the recipient to physically get to see the therapist.  Distant treatments are also an effective way to top up your energy levels and clear blockages (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) when you are asleep or resting at home.

The therapies I offer are:

Reiki, a mostly hands-on energy therapy where the therapist acts as the channel for Ki, more commonly known as Chi or Qi (or also Prana or Universal Life Force) to the patient.It is essentially earth elemental energy. Relaxing and resourceful, Reiki is a hugely versatile treatment that is effective on beginners  and master healers alike.

Ka Ba Sum® (kabasum.com website- opens in new window)
Ka Ba Sum®, an old Egyptian Energy Therapy, that I channeled through after the 2012 ‘shift’  , bringing back into harmony my old connection with Egypt and the the newer energies filtering through ‘post-shift’. Ka Ba Sum focuses on charging and balancing your life force (the Ka) and restoring your own personal power (the Ba element). For more information please take a trip to see my Ka Ba Sum website

Dragon Star* Healing: is a therapy involving using Elemental Dragon energy. This has been developed in 2015, following a visit to the Dragon Stone and connecting in with some amazing Dragons. Dragon energy is truly amazing and I feel very lucky to be able to share it with others!

Sha Ko Ri -working with the shadow and divine feminine. This is a ceremonial style of sacral healing. This involves a ritual of energetic exchange and love and acceptance, where I will play the role of Divine Masculine and create a create/hold space for you to truly accept the Divine Feminine energy within you. The ritual is centred around the sacral area and this can potentially  release a lot of misqualified energy releasing and the divine love coming back to you as you reclaim power and personal sovereignty that has been denied to you since you re-entered the world.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and the Ka Ba Sum Master Teacher. I also teach:

Reiki (levels I&II)

Ka Ba Sum

Details of these courses are on my courses page.