Ka Ba Sum

Ka Ba Sum® Inter-Dimensional Healing (IDH)

FB_KBS_Banner_v5.1Ka Ba Sum is a type of energy therapy, based on old Egyptian beliefs concerning the main elements of the soul. Ka Ba Sum concentrates on balancing the relationship of the Ka and Ba elements and introducing Sum (see below). It involves using layers of sound, breath and symbols to bring energy in.

KA (vital essence) is similar in concept to life force/universal energy, Reiki, Prana or Chi/Qi. It is your vital essence, you cannot live without it. The Egyptians saw Ka as a person’s double, like a ghost or energy field moving with you. In some ways this is similar in the perception of the Aura- the energy field that surrounds the body that is quite widely accepted as existing.

BA represents a persons individuality and power. The Egyptians saw this as manifesting as a physical being with its own wants and needs. You might perhaps relate to your Ba being your own power. When you give your power away, you lose part of your Ba element.

SUM is a higher frequency healing aspect
(where old meets new, following the 2012 ‘shift’). Sum brings in much needed Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy of the higher dimensional vibrations that we have been lacking in our ‘3D’ environment.

For full details, see the dedicated website for this treatment – kabasum.com (opens new window)