The Signs




All 12 sign of the zodiac is a mixture of the unique elements into play. No sign has the same make up or attributes. The polarity of positive and negative/masculine and feminine.
The signs divide up the main four elements of fire,earth air and water and qualities – cardinal, fixed and mutable.

Cardinal signs are said to be leaders, creators, innovators, also impetuous actions.
These are Aries, Cancer- Libra and Capricorn

Fixed signs are well, fixed. Focused… reliable, consistent steadfast, loyal, also Stubborn, egoic. These are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

Mutable signs are adaptable, changeable, flexible, but can also be unstable and a little superficial. These are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

If you take the mix of signs you can have-looking at Sun, Moon, Ascendant- or rising sign (where the sun was rising from the east at the moment of birth.) Mercury, Venus and Mars- that equals thousands of combinations.

There are a few pointers, Mercury is always close to the sun in terms of signs, with the later signs encapsulating an entire generation or so (Pluto)

The summaries below are for Sun sign folk, this is the pure character, before the aforementioned other aspects are taken into account and have added to and taken away character aspects.

The Signs are:

ARIES – The Ram
Ruler: Mars
Element: Fire, Quality: Cardinal, Polarity: Masculine.

The purest form of Aries is assertive, idealistic and driven by a powerful ego (remember this is not always a bad thing-we need an ego). Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, sitting in the  first house – It is the beginning of the cycle of the zodiac. It is centred in the head, it is often less subtle than other signs. Often making a string leader, Aries can make decisions well (the exact opposite of a Libran), is less caught up in the emotions.

Solar Ariens often only use a few words to communicate. They don’t need an essay. Yes or no, will suffice. However, on the downside, Aries can be prone to manipulating or telling untruths to get what they want.

Keywords: Headstrong, assertive and urgency…

TAURUS – The Bull
Ruler: Venus
Element: Earth, Quality: Fixed, Polarity: Feminine.

The second sign, sitting in the second house is soppy, sensual Taurus. Moving from the head to the shoulders, this signs begins to stop being so heading and get a feel for the surroundings. The bull is a lover too, folks. Oh yeah! Ruled by Venus, Taurus loves romance, the chase, the gifts, ADORATION! Taurus can also be a collector of possessions – little trinkets and keep-safes.

The bull appreciates a good piece of art and is especially good with their hands.Determined to establish their own identity and the bull often refuses to  bite their tongue and isn’t afraid to upset anyone with speaking out. However, they may get upset at seeing someone’s upset face.

Often, like other earth signs, very at home with food- taste IS important. It is not just what you end up with, it’s how you got there. Taurus often knows that a job is worth doing well if it ends up on the dining room table, or picnic table. Lovers of the outside (nature) but also can be prone to laziness and giving up on things that don’t seem that worthwhile whilst doing them.

Keywords: Determination, honourable, sensitive and sensual

GEMINI – The Twins
Ruler: Mercury
Element: Air, Quality: Mutable, Polarity: Masculine.

The youthful, energetic and inquiring posture often only shows half the story around Gemini. For Gemini is a set of twins and can often be seemingly two different people.

Not still for too long, Gemini is where the zodiac reaches the body, the hands and the arms and the nervous system. Gemini is the also the mind. Geminis are ruled by Mercury- the planet that is called the messenger and this often leaves these Geminis with the gift of communicating well.

Busy, Gemini can find it hard to settle, flirting with one task and then onto the next one. Only, if something is truly gripping does it command full attention.

Keywords: Busy, talker, thinker, do-er. Fingers in many pies.

CANCER – The Crab
Ruler: Moon
Element: Water, Quality: Cardinal, Polarity: Feminine.

From the hands and nervous system, we move on to the pure emotional being- Cancer. Cancer is the sign associated with the breast, nipples and reproductive organs. The Crab is the true feminine of the zodiac. The crab has a set of pincers, so woe betide anyone who tries to upset them. The crab is not afraid to use them, although will likely be upset after using them- even in defence.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have have water and we have the moon. Need we say any more?

Cancerians can be prone to manipulate and play games when they are not feeling things are going their way. On the flip side, Cancer is often a good cook, maybe a chef. Knows how to prepare a feast and can create a masterpiece out of nothing. May be able to twist your arm by way of the stomach.

Keywords: Emotional. nurturing, caring, moody, defensive, fighter.

LEO – The Lion
Ruler: Sun
Element: Fire, Quality: Fixed, Polarity: Masculine.

What burns brighter in the sky than the Sun? Who is the king of the Jungle? The Lion. Okay, so what we’re dealing with here is not the timid type, after all the Sun and a Lion- that’s the King of the Zodiac, baby! You don’t want to annoy a Leo. Never try to humiliate a Leo either- you will make an enemy for life. Shun a Leo and they will drop you like you never existed, they do need to know they are appreciated. Befriend a Leo and make them know how you appreciate them and you might just have a powerful ally.

Leos are proud, if they feel lessened and cheapened, they will ignore you. This sign, home in the fifth house displays a charming nature- that can border on arrogance if not kept in check. Leo loves to be the centre of attention and take charge of a situation- The King  knows best, after all.

Possessing big warm hearts, a Leo often cares about our animal friends and will likely not have pets- but animal members of the family. Possibly vegan or choosy as to where their food comes from and how treated.

Keywords: Proud, Strong, Fearless, Edurance,

VIRGO – The Maiden
Ruler: Mercury
Element: Earth, Quality: Mutable, Polarity: Feminine.

Virgo- After the fire and brimstone, Lion-ey sunshine we bounce back to earth with lovely Virgo. Quiet and self-contained by nature, Virgoans are quietly efficient about everything they do. Prone to being over-critical, especially of the self as the quest for perfection has undone many a Virgo.

In the sixth house, Virgo sits as mutable (i.e changeable) earth energy and is quietly adaptable to surroundings unless it isn’t right. Then failure to rectify the situation will not do. Often too hard on the self, Virgo often needs to serve to feel good about the self. This can be a problem if not balancing their own needs as well. Thinky(!).

Keywords: Efficient, fastidious, critical, sacrificing, virginal, workaholic

LIBRA – The Scales
Ruler: Venus
Element: Air, Quality: Cardinal, Polarity: Masculine.

Libra loves everything, or do they? How can you tell? Yep, Libra has a difficult time making its mind up. Decisions are weighed heavily on the scales of judgement.

Beautiful, fun, appearing young for their age and can often seen as arrogant or flirtacious by those unaccustomed to Libras ways. Libra wants to be liked by EVERYONE. Libra needs to work out it can’t please everyone all of the time and if it does- how to balance the needs of the many whilst attending to their own needs and not being selfish. Simple, huh?

Librans are, like Taurus, ruled by Venus. Librans look for partnership at every avenue.
Cardinal Air brings a creative side that can make them sometimes seem on a different planet. Libra is often good at starting projects- and taking the lead but then losing interest at they are busy moving on to the next big thing. Needs to learn to make a decision and also stick with the project when the initial buzz or gloss has gone.

Keywords: Relationships, partnership, love, justice and indecision.

SCORPIO – The Scorpion
Ruler: Pluto (partially Mars)
Element: Water, Quality: Fixed, Polarity: Feminine.

Can you swim in the deep blue sea? The ocean that is Scorpio has great depth, unsurprisingly the dark deep waters below can carry a hidden surprise. That could be a nice surprise or a big stinger from behind the back.  The scorpion has a stinger, after all.

Dark, mysteriously sexual and charismatic, Scorpios in full flow grab attention in the complete opposite to a Proud, bright and regal Leo. Scorpio does it with a magnetic attraction of the eyes and looking through you- into your soul.  Scorpio gives little away but wants to know everything about you….how you operate, what makes you tick. Inventive and intuitive, Scorpio is not afraid of taboo and treads where others often fear to.

A Scorpio is often proud of its ability to go deep emotionally and can be fond of the dark side and transforming the shadow side. The only star sign  ruled by Pluto, the planet governing psychoanalysis and regeneration, it is not difficult to see why this is so.
Most people who have annoyed a Scorpio are aware not to do it again, erm, unless they have masochistic tendencies ^_^

Given the chance, Scorpio loves to be in control of their ‘minions’ and can get carried away with a little power.

Keywords: Deep, Mysterious, Loner, secretly emotional, intense, transformation, controlling.intuitive.

Ruler: Jupiter
Element: Fire, Quality: Mutable, Polarity: Masculine.

Boing! Here come’s Sagittarius bouncing in to the ninth house of the zodiac. Enthusiastic, somewhat boisterous and adventurous, Sag wants to explore, the archer (also centaur) has a deep connection with horses and is always up for a bit of a wild ride.

Sagittarians often love learning, a thirst for knowledge, seeing how things work and often loves getting their hands dirty. The child covered in the most mud and slime and worms is probably a Sagittarian, and possibly an adult too!

The Mutable fire energy often means adaptable and optimistic but can also mean that they can be blunt and often be tactless or appear preachy.

Sagittarians seek answers, they seek the truth and have very little time for lies- it is often ‘as it is’ and that is how Sagittarius knows they want it. Honesty is key, but this doesn’t stop Sagittarius from sometimes exaggerating or expanding a story a little bit so that it is more interesting…. and fun. Life needs to be fun. Or else, what the point?

Masculine Fire energy doesn’t particularly scream ’emotional being’ and Sag can sometimes run away from its own feelings, rather than confront them. Would rather get enthusiastic about learning something new and fun , than deal with all that ‘mushy stuff’.

Keywords: Adventurer, travel, extravagant, fun, energetic, philosophical, blunt, truth seeker.

Ruler: Saturn
Element: Earth, Quality: Cardinal, Polarity: Feminine.

From bouncy adventurous mutable fire, we enter the tenth sign of the zodiac with sure footed, feet-on-the-ground, earthy Capricorn.

Capricorn is a bit of a traditionalist, ruled by oh-so-sensible scientific and logical Saturn. This often makes Capricorn hard-working, responsible and the type to do their chores first before going out to play.

Capricorns are happier once they’ve established themselves and got all the ground work done. Can be irritated by those who appear to be just ‘winging it’ or seemingly unprepared.

By the tenth house, the zodiac has become mature and has things to work out before the final two houses. The beautifully grounded energy of Capricorn can lead to rubbishing ones own connection with spirit and needing to see it- to believe it or it is pure hogwash. Often has a dry sense of humour and can find the ridiculous to be just that.

Cardinal earth energy is patient, building and solid energy. It is the appreciative energy of this sign that gets behind a lost cause or supports the underdog. Capricorn is not a tag-on glory-hunter and wants to achieve it for themselves. This can lead to stubbornness and a need to be in control.

Keywords: Authority, Reason, logic, responsible, hard-working, cautious, grounded. Rigid.

AQUARIUS – The Water Bearer
Ruler: Uranus (partially Saturn)
Element: Air, Quality: Fixed, Polarity: Masculine.

So by the time we’ve got to the penultimate sign, we’ve been on quite a journey. From The headstrong Aries, through sensual Taurus, emotional Cancer, proud, Leo, etc. it’s been a voyage of discovery. And then we get to Aquarius. The eleventh sign, sitting in the eleventh house is a near epiphany for the zodiac. It is were there is a fine line between genius and psychopathy! between integration and isolation. Aquarius is known as the water-bearer, bringing the water in, for Pisces to swim in, to turn that earth of Capricorn wet- making a lot of mud!

Aquarius people are often quirky, they are partially ruled by Saturn- the logical, reasonable force and the rest by Uranus- the higher creative mind. It is this mix that makes Aquarians so fascinating and frustrating.  Strong-minded, idealistic and sociable at heart, they also need space, to rebel and often harbour challenging views. Aquarius gets bored easily and the mix of fixed air and mutable water (for Pisces) can create a hurricane.

If too much Saturn rules the Aquarian (look for influences in your chart by Saturn) then they will be more logical and reasonable. If Uranus controls completely- you have an eccentric, creative and often impulsive individual.

Keywords: Creative, intuitive, idealistic, passionate, erratic, scientific and eccentric.

PISCES – The Fishes
Ruler: Neptune (partially Jupiter)
Element: Water, Quality: Mutable, Polarity: Feminine.

Pisces represents the completion of the cycle of the zodiac, but never then end. Pisces is two fish- one as the completion of the cycle and the other is the start of the next one.

Emotional and sensitive, Pisceans can appear to be lacking in focus and determination- because you can’t see what’s going on behind it all. Pisces feels… EVERYTHING. Pisceans won’t intentionally hurt anyone, but sometimes their actions can make it seem like they couldn’t care less. Normally it’s because they DO care and that is overwhelming. The twelfth sign of the zodiac has developed empathy and is bringing it forward to the next cycle. Because of the high level of empathy, Pisces can find it hard to know the difference between their feelings and someone else’s.

The death and the beginning of the zodiac, Pisces represents transformation in a flowing  magical way. In sharp contrast to Scorpio, the waters are not as dark and deep. They are clear and abundant.

Keywords: Compassion, mystical, imaginative, martyr, unionist, boundary-less, empathic.

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