Do you want to learn how to do some of the amazing therapies that are available? Why not learn Reiki or Ka Ba Sum?

I am a Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem Master Teacher, completing my training in April 2015. I was originally trained in Usui Reiki in 2012- up to the second degree.

I received the information and attunements for Ka Ba Sum from source and have now been guided that it is time to pass these attunements on to those who are ready to receive the new energies.

So, I am excited to be offering the new Ka Ba Sum Practitioner Course and also Reiki.

Two-day training and attunements. (Approx 10 hours taught, less if one-to-one)

In this two-day course you will learn the history of the energy of Ka Ba Sum. Originating from ancient Egypt and brought back in 2013 for the new dimensional shift. You will receive the necessary attunements to allow you to practice Ka Ba Sum treatments on yourself and others.

Unlike Reiki, Ka Ba Sum does not work on a system of levels, so this one course does it all. You are a brilliant, powerful individual with healing light and energy to use on yourself and others. Ka Ba Sum brings you back to your long-forgotten connection with a style of this energy. If you resonate with the healing energies of Egypt, this should be the course for you.

You will:

  • Be attuned to the Ka Ba Sum Golden Pyramid of Light and the seven blessings of Ka Ba Sum
  • Be attuned to the Ka, Ba and Sum energy
  • Learn the ten symbols used in Ka Ba Sum treatments
  • Learn the sacred sounds of Ka Ba Sum healing
  • Practice feeling the energy of the treatment and the symbols
  • Learn the hand positions of Ka Ba Sum Self healing
  • Learn the hand positions of Ka Ba Sum to practice on others
  • Learn how and when to draw the special symbols
  • Practice the Ka Ba Sum 108 Breaths- energy activation exercises.
  • Receive a 40 page Ka Ba Sum Healing Handbook, with illustrations to remind you of your practice and the symbols and techniques.
  • Receive a certificate on completion, confirming initiation into the energy and teachings of Ka Ba Sum
  • Be ready to practice Ka Ba Sum on other people (pending insurance)

Deposit: £75

Balance:  To be paid for before the first day, unless agreement is reached to pay in installments- £115 for day one and £110 for day two. If you want to pay in installments- including proposing a different payment frequency- please do get in touch.

REIKI 1ST DEGREE  £110/ or £120 if delivered in your home*

Duration: 1 Day

The first degree of Reiki is the entry level. Perfect for those looking to gain the attunements and start working with the amazing Reiki energy. Learn how to practice this hand-on healing with friends and family. You also learn how to do self-treatments, which is a fantastic way to keep yourself topped up.

You receive the Reiki I attunements, instructions on how to use the Reiki energy you are connecting to and also a reference manual.

Deposit: £30 to confirm booking

REIKI 2ND DEGREE  £200/ or £225 if delivered in your home*

Duration: 2 days

The second degree is the practitioner level. This allows you to charge for treatments on others, to learn new positions, receive extra Reiki attunements and also how to send Reiki to other people and situations. Reiki II really allows you to take you connection with Reiki further and shows just how versatile Reiki is.

You receive the additional attunements, more instructions and the manual- which also includes the Reiki II symbols.

Deposit: £50 to confirm booking