Card reading: VIII Adjustment

VIII Adjustment ( also known as Justice in other decks).

This card asks the seeker to find balance, before Karmic actions are forcibly settled. Powered by Libra, the scales Adjustment serves notice that  judgement will come and that will happen in two ways-
1) The battle of will, the weighing up of your personal actions
2) The karmic judgment. Where do your actions go against your higher mission. What are you putting out to the universe.

These can manifest into personal and soul accountability- and as I say above these are made by choice, or forcibly so.  If you choose to  seek the adjustments, helps is given.  If you fight against it, the lessons may prove to be harder.

Take the moment to connect to your higher self and ask the questions to your current soul alignment and your actions upon the physical realm. When you have guidance, take action.

With Pluto in Aquarius and a full moon in Libra conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) there is an air of learning and a huge opportunity to work through some karmic baggage. Be sure to take a step back when heads are heated and rely on your perception to navigate through it.

Remember that lies and falsehoods can bring their own karmic redress for the liar. 

If you are feeling  stuck ask for either Archangel Michael to cut the bonds with his karmic sword. Or ask for your own theric sword to break amy bonds not in alignment.

If you are already in balance with the physical and the universal, your experience may be somewhat smoother.

See you on the other side. Phoenix


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