The Empress: A Tarot reading for the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II


A reading for the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II:

Firstly, regarding the Empress card.

The card depicts the Empress holding a rose and has a shield at her feet and a swan in the other corner. In fact to me, the legs appear as almost a mermaid’s tail as swarthes of energy emit from her crown. Ruled by Venus, the Empress exudes divine maternal love, and a devotion to family (can be extended) which of course can be blind to the failings of their creations. Love is of course, not without its flaws.

What strikes me is that Crowley wrote this, aparently many years before the coronation of the Queen about the Empress card:

“I am Nature and God, I reign, I am, alone.
None other may abide apart; they perish,

Drawn into me, into my being grown,

None other bosom is, to bear, to nourish ,

To be: the heart of all beneath my throne,

Of blue and gold is scalet light to cherish,

My own life being, that is, and is not other,

For I am God and nature and thy mother”

Cards drawn:

1st card. The Fool: “Pure folly is the key to intitiation”

The fool represents not just one but all of the trumps (cards, we’re not sepaking about the US family!). Starting with zero, encompasses all numbers. The fool is therefore holding all the possibilites in the universe. This means the right, the wrong, the truth and the lies.

It can be argued that every other trump card is an aspect of the fool’s perspective, reminding me of one of my dad’s favoureite sayings “it takes a wise man to know he is but a fool and a fool to think he is a wise man”.

2nd card. 7 of Cups: Debauch

The 7 of cups is representative of the third and final decan of Scorpio and of Venus in Scorpio- eek! There is manipulation, illusion falsehoods and lust (possible power grabs). This here to me represents the dark side of the monarchy, this is abundance and luxury revelling in it’s own muck. This is also the over-indulgance of the media who have revelled in a news spectacle. This is prevailing order of the elite swallowing the attentions of the unworthy. This also relates to the hangers-on, and we all know some of the skeletons in the closet that have tried to be covered up. Not a good card to have here, but hey- the cards don’t lie!

3rd card: 6 of Swords: Science

In this card it displays the swords in balance, and has order and dercorum.

The 6 of cups is the second decan of Aquarius (specifically Mercury in Aquarius). This is a much better card, Science shows us the way forward in the material realm. This card represents order and honour and dignity. The 6 of swords (Air signs) can cimmunicate effectively, ask the right questions. Service and duty have paid off and this card certainly is reflective to someone who gave an entire lifetime of service. There was no retirement of duty, even at 96.

All cards together:

Well, a mixed bag for sure- Fools debauchery and Science!

The cards laid out a pretty accurate, in my opinion summary of the passing.

There is the unknown for the future and only a fool would say that they know this pathway ahead for the UK as a united kingdom, for the monarchy and well, all of us.

The Debauch card is clearly about all the skeletons and dark legacy that surrounded the family and the institution as a whole. The fact that people live a gold and silver-plated service life whilst others are struggling to heat their homes is a stark contrast.

But finally, whatever your feelings are you cannot deny the honour that comes with 70 years of service. It is easy to scoff, but as essentially a ceremonial figurehead position (royal assent is just not refused on bills) it must have been hard to be the one signing off on awful measures approved by parliament. To lead a nation, but not interfere with the elected representatives on power crazed flights of fancy is something I am glad not to do.

The rainbows lead the way for the soul, a lifetime of duty done. For the rest, it is to be determined just who they are.

Thanks for reading!

Injoy, inlight and inlove


Deck: Thoth Tarot (Crowley)/Artwork Lady Harris

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