New moon conjunction (Sun-Moon-Lilith)

NEW MOON IN CANCER WEDS 29th JUNE 03:52AM (28th June 10:52 PM ET, US)

This month’s new moon has an unexpected visitor: duh duh da! Black Moon Lilith joins up to form a conjunction with the Sun and the Moon. This occurs beyween 3 and 4 AM UK time, so that will be in the evening of the 28th in North America.

The big theme around Cancer is family and the solar energy in this sign is the nurturer, more like the good mother that nurtures their children and helps the family run, encourages them to grow, worries when they leave the nest and welcomes them back home. Cancer is ruled by the moon, so it should be no surprise that this is an emotional placement. The new moon energies normally have a caring and to some degree possessive tendency. There is a strong parental influence and there can be insecurities that come from being the head of the household, be that matriarchal or patriarchal.

So now then in comes Lilith in cancer. In this place, the black Moon can be quite insecure and emotional one of the big things with less is that the influence is more of a theme rather than one specific item. The theme will be centred around family security (or insecurities). This can come out in different ways such as a need to be in control or control the family unit, the need to run away from the family unit, the need for more responsibility for the need for less responsibility, etc. depending on what your insecurity is centred around, that’s what Lilith will be for lack of a better word ‘attacking’ you on.

Elsewhere, we have the Trinity in areas of Mars, Chiron and Jupiter. Saturn is still retrograde in Aquarius. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (seemingly forever, lol) and we have double twins! Mercury and Venus are still doing their rounds in the mutable air. Aries, as strong Cardinal fire is a driving force to put you on a mission, whilst communications and emotions are in the aptly mutable Gemini.

All of this going on in the background can lead to a stubbornness or contrariness with the outlook on certain issues. The overriding theme of the new moon is Cancerian so that means family, combined with the black sheep of the family – Lilith.

Good thing to do before you do any new moon ritual is to consider what this trinity in cancer is bringing up as an issue for you. Take a step back and see how reasonable you are being with the situation. That’s not to suggest that you will be being unreasonable, but this energy can be unclear and it always helps to take a step back before you partake in any rituals involving aims for manifestation, etc.

#newmoon #lilith #astrology


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