Knights, Castles, Dragons and Reiki: a Summer Solstice experience

It was a very special Solstice this week for me personally. I got to experience the Arthurian experience of King Arthur’s Great Hall before visiting the castle at Tintagel

It was quite the experience- round tables, thrones and excalibers. A lesson in grounding and nobility of the great cause.

The Arthurian archetypal enegies were very strong in this building, which although not authentically old with Arthur energies (the stained glass windows are I believe 90 years old), this centre is a true beacon of the intent and an important shrine for Templars to visit.

Following that experience, it was off to Tintagel Castle in glorous sunshine for the longest day of the year. Astrologically the Sun moves in line with the tropic of Cancer. It marks the astrological start of Summer.

It felt like another wonderful comnection, Tintagel Castle is a beautiful place to visit anyway, but for the Summer Solstice and following the Arthurian experience earlier, it was an even more poignant feeling than usual.

The day before, was a visit to the Japenese Garden- a beautiful peaceful garden with a wonderful reiki – Buddha vibe for me. It felt like a place of pure flow and was an excellent place to be the day before the solstice.

Dragons came up in both the Japanese garden and at Tintagel. Dragon energy was strong on both, but felt very different in each site. Any time you get to feel that strong link to dragons is a food time to be had!

The car journey home was exciting too. Don’t worry, I was the passenger. When we are in Cornwall I often use reiki to try and help the traffic flow on the narrow lanes. The roads were pretty clear the whole way back, but it was the sensation of multi coloured bubbles of reiki coming out from my fingertips that reignited or renewed that connection with reiki and felt stronger than ever.

I do feel a different reiki connection was made this week, with an Arthurian twist (or original Templar energy) so I am going to sit with this and see if anything needs to change with my approach to Reiki.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share my experience. Blessed be, all. Injoy Phoenix ❤❤❤



    1. Thanks Hank. I do feel there was a King Arthur, but the legend has carried a certain energy along with it. So whether the stories are real, embellished or not, I would leave up to the individual to decide.

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