Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus

If you’ve felt that comms have gone a bit weird, it could be that you are experiencing the latest mercury retrograde, beginning today and running until June 2nd. Oh goody.

It begins in Gemini and rolls back into Taurus on the 22nd.

At the same time we have Lilith, the Black moon, who moved into Cancer on the 14th April, which centres on family and relationship shadow issues- so not the best time for Mercury to retrograde, really! Lilith in cancer can cause isolationism or neediness (it’s an axis so it could be either extreme).  Mercury can literally f**k with your communications, like devicres playing up or words failing you or others. As an air sign Gemini can be all over the place with things, Taurus will provide the much needed earth to help ground thoughts and actions.

At the same time, right now we have Jupiter moving into Aries for the first transit. Jupiter forms a semi-square with Uranus on the 11th, which it interestingly does again in the final merc retrograde of 2022 (dec 28th). Venus is in Aries,  Mars is in Pisces , Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus, like the sun is in Taurus.

This means it’s likely not a good time to splurge on new projects and keep your head. Know that comms may be off,  relationships  may feel different. This may all be the feeling of right now. Know that it will pass and clarity may come. Also, though you may be seeing masks fall and the real person/company coming through.

Concentrate on breathwork, balancing your energy and remain a constant. Allow things to move around you, but remain in your grounded state of discernment.

See you on the other side!

Phoenix ❤

For more info on Lilith in the signs- see hete-


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