Black Moon Lilith in-depth

Black moon Lilith is one of the most interesting aspects of the natal chart in my opinion. After the 10 major classical stars and moons and planets astrology expands itself with different aspects. Black moon Lilith is one of the fascinating shadow aspects and astrology.

So the story goes, and I’m paraphrasing a lot here – Before it was Adam and Eve, it was Adam and Lilith, both created equally. Adam did not like Lilith as she was strong and independent and saw herself as equal to Adam. Lilith was banished and a new model was made (supposedly from Adam’s rib) in the form of Eve. Eve was more complicit and easier to dominate, hence the patriarch he was able to establish a model of masculine dominance. So what happened to Lilith? Well she was banished and the stories differ, essentially along the lines of her coming demonic and siding with the devil, which would be understandable if you’d been kicked out of the garden of Eden because the man was unable to accept equality. It is just my opinion that Lilith suffers from the same patriarchal treatment as Mary Magdalene and others, because most men are unable or unwilling to accept divine feminine energy at all.

So Lillith in astrology represents a dark shadow aspect of yourself and brings with it a challenge, depending on the sign she falls in. It takes around 9 months (fittingly) for her to move between the signs. The feelings can be especially intense when she returns to your natal position- see my post/video on planetary returns here– and see my For the love of Lilith post

It’s not something to be afraid of, it’s something to be aware of that these shadow influences are either arrange you or inside you. Awareness is one of the most useful tools of astrology, it’s the same as being able to see when somebody who speaking in front of you is lying or misleading you, if you can see it staring you right in the face you can react accordingly. Remember, everyone born in the same 9-month period will have Lilith placed here. Lilith is a shadow influencer, that is all.

So here is a breakdown of Lilith in all the positions:


Lilith in Aries can be prevented from taking control of the situation and leading. Aries is usually headstrong and able to assert itself, but less in this position does cause somewhat of a challenge. When they do assert themselves, it can be coming from a place of fear and the need for power as opposed to do the right thing.

As Lilith is on the Aries-Libra axis, part of the issue come involve balance. Lilith can crave power over leadership and demand (or command) a following rather than leading by example. On the other end of the spectrum, Lilith can be completely dominated and would be easy fodder for the right person to bring into their cult.

Be aware of: attempts to dominate you, acting too much on impulse.

Challenge: Lilith’s challenge that she presents to you is to work on your own personal power, bring back what has been lost and from that place of inner personal power act with integrity and authenticity.away or extinguished.

Famous Lilith in Aries people: Micheal Jackson, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Ghandi, Kurt Cobain. Mark Zuckerberg, Vincent van Gogh, LeBron James. Tim Burton.


Lilith in Taurus is ruled by Venus and the shadow aspect that comes up here regards materialism, possessions, sensuality and sexuality. Lilith in Taurus natives can be prone to accumulating far too many possessions, seeking wealth, status, overt sexual power.

Of course, the reverse is also possible here. Lilith can become shutdown sexually, seek no status and give up all their possessions, because materialism is bad, attention is bad and sex is a dirty word.

It’s also possible for people to swing between the two sides to this affair as essentially this position requires understanding of power and status, materialism and sexual energy.

Be aware of: extremes around materialism, power and sexual energy

Challenge: Lilith’s challenge here is to move out of the superficial ego. To understand that materialism has its place, power, sexual energy are not things to run away from but also not things to use to manipulate the masses. It is okay to enjoy your sexuality- have no shame, it’s okay to enjoy material things and to have a healthy relationship with power.

Famous Lilith in Taurus people: Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Bruce Lee, Adolf Hitler.


Black Moon Lilith in Gemini suppresses your expressive self. Gemini is a mental sign, it’s all about the mind. It is mutable air energy and it has a relentless quest to communicate, to learn and to express oneself. Gemini is linked with mercury, which is of course the planet of Hermes and Thoth. Mercury is the messenger, which suits Gemini nicely.

Lilith in Gemini can get stuck in the head, and that’s where one of the big problems can come from. This sign can present a barrier between the mind and the body and can seriously limit the grounding element. In some regards, Lillis in Gemini can be seen as madness or the crazy person. In fact as Gemini are the twins, it can be suggested that there is a sort of schizophrenic element to Lilith and Gemini, pulling you apart into two directions.

As with all the other Lilith placements there are people with this placement who shut down their mind completely. They only operate on the most basic of functions and do not wish to communicate/play with others.

This placement can be seen as both a blessing and a curse, Lilith and Gemini activates the mind to new levels and may push you to think further than you would have normally thought, however the dualistic elements and speed of mental acumen can create the appearance of being erratic or completely nonsensical.

Be aware of: being unable to control your thoughts, having trouble expressing yourself, overthinking to the point where it is detrimental.

Challenge: the Gemini challenge is to ground yourself, to express yourself in a self-controlled way. This can be achieved by being in nature and around animals, who should be drawn to you and you to them. To use breath work to allow the brain to slow down a little bit. Mindfulness meditation may be difficult to achieve success with, but with pursuit may have great results.

Famous Lilith in Gemini people: Drake, Emmanuel Macron, Mozart, Joe Biden, Orlando Bloom


In the sign of Cancer, Black Moon Lilith brings up challenging maternal aspects. Cancerians are often linked with family and it is the most maternal sign of the zodiac. Linked with the moon and being a cardinal sign, Cancer is the matriarch. Lilith was effectively kicked out by the creation of the patriarchy thanks to Adam. Because of this, there can be childhood issues, or issues with the family that are presented by this placement. It may be that there has been abandonment or separation.

Lilith in Cancer individuals can be possessive or needy around their family and very close friends. This is an overcompensation of the loss that they have suffered already in this lifetime. Again, the opposite can be true and they may become prone to isolationism as they do not want to be around people, because they cannot trust anyone.

Be aware of: being controlling of partners, being needy and creating codependent relationships. The need for isolating from the world, lack of trust.

Challenge: the challenge for this position is to embrace healthy family relationships and emotions. This may be difficult where people have let you down before, or there has been a lack of love. Self-love and self-respect must be discovered first before this can be shared with others.

Famous Lilith in Cancer people: Diana, Princess of Wales, Elvis Presley, Robin Williams, Charlie Manson, Marilyn Manson, Zac Efron.


Lilith and Leo could be described as an attention seeking missile, reacting to the wound that Adam gave her by disowning her.

Leo was a lion and as the superconfident animal king, wants everybody to know-hey this is me! Unbalanced Lilith in Leo natives want all the good things and can seek relationships with people who hold money and/or power. They also like to be influential.

If they do not seek the relationships, they seek the power and all the glory for themselves. They can use their magnetic personality to gain control over others.

It could Perhaps be described as the challenge of the inflated ego. The opposite side of this, is where Lilith’s shame factor comes in and you just want to disappear. Now this is especially interesting as sometimes an overinflated ego can actually be the point of telling yourself that you have no ego and that you are not important.

Be aware of: unashamed narcissism, power hungriness or a fear of being criticised.

Challenge: the Leo in Lilith challenge is one of balancing the ego, not too much and not too little. To allow yourself to be open to constructive criticism (not responding with an attack), to not make everything about appearances

Famous Lilith in Leo people: Barack Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Rhianna, Vladimir Putin, Jim Carrey, JFK. Jeffrey Epstein.


Virgo is a very hard-working sign, where it can expect others to be hard-working and can be very critical. Linear super-chargers some of this energy to the point where they can be over critical of others but also be perfectionists to the point of extreme guilt. Virgo is also a sign of great innocence and purity, she is the virgin, the maiden, she has been displayed as the rabbit amongst other animals.

As a perfectionist, this can display itself in the workplace, in the home and in the bedroom. They need to be the perfect worker, the perfect homemaker and the perfect lover. This can also fuel expectations that the other person will pertain to the same standards.

Because of the perfectionism, though it can present itself to the extreme where there is so much shame involved that they cannot possibly reach their lofty standards, they are aware of this and they kind of give up, so they are not interested in one of those areas were more, be it the home or workplace or with a partner. This can breed a lack of confidence in the self and lead to depression.

Be aware of: being excessively critical, being a perfectionist or having absolutely no self-confidence because you can never attain your high standards.

Challenge: work on being less perfect. Not to the point where you drop any reasonable standards, but work with your actual capacity and skill levels to work with achievable targets. Understand that perfection may not be truly possible, it will also not be possible for other people to reach your standards and they must work with their own capacity and skill levels.

You can be perfectly imperfect.

Famous Lilith in Virgo people: 14th Dalai Lama, Kylie & Kourtney Kardashian, William Shakespeare, Zooey Deschanel, Jason Mamoa.


Libra represents relationships and justice, it is the sign of the movement into the autumn, or the fall. Libra, like Taurus is associated with the planet Venus. The planet of love and romance. Here, Lilith can drive you away from any self development and to seek partnerships in all things. This can be romantic or in the workplace.

In the sense of justice, where Libra is the sign of the scales of justic- Libra can be very perseverant in settling scores. There can be an unbalanced view of what justice is, and can lead to a trail of vengeance seeking.

The opposite can be true here where they let the individual walk all over them and never seek any restorative justice. Again, it is apparent that Lilith operates in extremes.

Be aware of: extreme activism themselves in a relationship, having no backbone or expressive character.

Challenge: the challenge with Lilith in Libra is to balance the scales. Whether it is in a relationship or it is seeking justice, you should look for the middle ground-there may be reasons why people have acted the way they have and you should at least hear them out. Accept that you are responsible for your own actions, that you have value as an individual, whether it is in a relationship or not.

Famous Lilith in Libra people: Tom Cruise, Jody Foster, Justin Timberlake, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla.


Tick, tick, tick… Boom! Lilith and Scorpio is a ticking timebomb. With Scorpio’s magnetic, controlling energy, the snake or scorpion can easily captivate others and boy, does Lilith know this. However, Lilith is not superficial in this placement and requires meaningful contact, requires meaningful roles and meaningful sexual interaction.

The power of this position, is that even a solar Scorpio can be seen to ‘eat people alive’ and as I described earlier can be seen as the dark side of your sun sign on steroids!

Scorpio is associated with both Mars and Pluto and is often drawn as either a scorpion or a snake – in between Scorpio and Sagittarius falls Ophiuchus, the Serpent bearer. So Lilith not only has a sting in the tail but also fangs too!

The sexual side of Lilith and Scorpio can be quite dark, venus in scorpio can go quite dark, intrigued by taboos – but this is something else! BDSM full time dominance and control (where it goes beyond a game), even into the worst unspeakable sides of humanity.

Be aware of: A need to co-erce and control, using people, destroying people and dark, real dark fantasies.

Challenge: Scorpio’s challenge is to transmute the energy to a positive outlet. Use being unafraid of the dark to do good things in dark places, drop the need to control until it becomes healthy attachment or helpful control, be open to receive good things, welcome in the light and trust in the universal flows.

Famous Lilith in Scorpio people: Johnny Depp, Beyoncé Knowles, Steve Jobs, Eminem, Christina Aguilera, Jared Leto, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.


The Black Moon is all about extremes and in Sagittarius, a sign of excesses this produces a dualistic outcome:

The Sagittarius black Moon can have itchy feet and need to travel, experience dangerous situations and generally keep moving on to the next exciting new thing. It is essentially a supercharged centaur with an insatiable appetite for action.

The need to be independent as a core theme of less than Sagittarius. They may become the most travelled people, however they will never want to stay and create a home.

Relationships can be tricky, because of the need for independence and need for adventure. Lilith can demand lots of partners-think of the stereotypical salesman with a girl in every city or at the very least a very adventurous partner, open to do lots of dressing up or role-playing, etc.

Be aware of: never settling down, never being content with one person, becoming too adventurous and putting yourself in great danger.

Challenge: the challenge from Lilith placed in Sagittarius is to balance the self need in the community. As inside, so outside. Understanding that being an individual is a great thing, but working with the right people, be it one or 1000 as either a partner or community can bring great benefit. You do not have to lose yourself when you share your life with others. Hold on to your individuality, while still being receptive.

Famous Lilith in Scorpio people: Donald Trump, Michelle Obama, Brad Pitt, Bill Gates, Freddie Mercury, Napoleon, Nicky Minaj. Aleister Crowley, Saddam Hussein.


Capricorn is the goat, an earthly, hard-working down to earth being that seeks the steady road to success. Home is important to Capricorn whether it is living on your own or in a great big family. The career is important to Capricorns.

Lilith is discarded and has inherited a fear of failure and play on this sense from Capricorn. Ampifying it too much. The fear of failure is so strong it can manifest itself and then the loss is too much to cope with.

Lilith in Capricorn can become so caught up in this bad place that they essentially martyr themselves and will break themselves to try and get results, even where they are not going to be appreciated.

In relationships, Capricorn is attentive and can be looking to please other so much it deters from their own experience of a relationship. On the flip side the other extreme is that they are taking charge and forget to let the other receive in the bedroom.

Be aware of: Martydom, fear of failure, working til you drop, burdened by relationships, unhealthy boundaries.

Challenge: Be realistic in expectations of yourself and others. You cannot fix everything on your own, have healthy boundaries.

Famous Lilith in Capricorn people: Martin Luther King, Keanu Reeves, David Bowie, Hillary Clinton, Leonardo da Vinci, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Lilith in Aquarius is a complicated positioning, as Aquarius may be the most complex character of the Zodiac. Powered by and Uranus the dualistic nature of the sign can come off as I have said often as the brief division between genius and psychopathy. Lilith just takes this to the next level.

Lilith in Aquarius seems unworldly- like an new species of human. Aquarians wants to be a part of the community and bring things and people together- but Lilith can make the Aquarian stand out too much and that can become a problem for them.

Lilith in Aqauarius can find it hard to relate to others and truly understand them. They can reveal in their differences to others and wear it like a badge of honour, with the ego separating them as better than others.

The flip side for Lilith here is that she can promote aloofishness of a sense of shame that they do not fit in. Why am I so different?

Be aware of: The need to fit in, feeling like you don’t fit in! Chasing trouble-attrackting trouble.

Challenge: Balancing the need with others, establish good healthy boundaries with others, balance the ego to a healthy status, accept the goodness of your individualistic qualities and use them for good.

Famous Lilith in Aquarius people: Amy Winehouse, Zayn Malik, Joaquin Phoenix, Mila Kunis, Bjork, Salvador Dali, Charlie Sheen.


Pisces is meant to be the evolutionary point of the Zodac, so how does that work with Lilith? Well, the dreamy illusionist does not want to experience reality.

Lilith in Pisces has an in-built need to escape. They face a reality check and want to check-out. Imma getting outta here! This leades a tendancy towards living in a complete fantasy world. This can involve peddling lies and starting a cult, escaping through drugs or periods isolationism. Lilith in Pisces can get so down about this reality that they can suffer from depression, anxiety (or worse).

Part of the problem is Pisces idealism, which siffers when it sees the harsh realities of the 3D concept.

Be aware of: unaccountability, habitual lies, extreme pessimism, excessive drug-use/addictions.

Challenge: The challenge for Piscean Lilith natives is to be present. Reaility may be hard, but it can be transformative if you accept it and work with it- get the best out of it. Acceptance of the self and your place in this world is key. Ground yourself so that you can find a way to use the fantasy world as a creative tool/process. All things in Moderation, Pisces!

Famous Lilith in Pisces people: Madionna, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Lennon, David Beckham, Russell Brand, Mike Tyson, Osama Bin-Laden. Eckhart Tolle. Grigori Rasputin.

Famous ‘Lilith in [sign]’ people obtained from



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