For the love of Lilith!

Since the lead up to Samhain and the Full Moon, I had a wonderful reconnection with Lilith. A perfect time as the veil has been lifted.  I have been asked to share this blog to help share her story and message.


From the Bible and in Jewish mythology- Lilith is often depicted as the demon temptress. The dark temptress, the succubus, the temptress of all men- the powerful woman. How many times must a lie continue to be spread from one generation to the next? If you are wondering if that by discarding Lilith as the naughty one, a scary empowered woman who doesn’t follow her Man’s orders it helped a patriarchy keep in power, I think you might be on to something!

Lilith was perhaps the first feminist, she was created by being discarded by Adam and God, according to the bible. What Adam needed was a compliant partner, not some fiery individual, who yielded as much power as him. And so, wrote the men in the Bible, said God.

So, set in print hundreds of years ago, the rules were set, the hierarchy was established (according to the patriarchy) God > Angels and Archangels > Man >Boy > Woman > Girl. And because this has been written,digested and accepted by billions of people over \generations- the story and the energy of the story is kept alive.

Lilith was the first feminist of these more modern times, not accepting second place- and why the heck should she?. Her punishment for this lack of subservience was to be replaced by the more submissive and subservient Eve. She was banished and because of her anger, considered a demon, temptress, a tormentor of men. She was the reason for the ‘curse’ of women every month… Furthermore she is often grossly sexualised, like a plaything for male fantasy, oooh! that naughty Lilith!- like she is the demonic dominatrix that you allow in your life for guilty pleasure and filthy fun. Either that, or that Lilith hates all men and wants to toy with them for her own pleasure. Because feminism.

That’s not to say that the energy is not sexual, nor that there is a certain level of hatred towards the patriarchy – I believe there is. Lilith’s truth is more complicated than that though. Firstly, there is definitely a dark side, a shadow side, that can consume and discard at a moments notice. Secondly, there is behind that a painful truth, of a neglected soul, discarded herself from her very creator. Thirdly there is a wildness and a sexual overtone-  but it is empowered sexuality- empowered self-identity. There is often pent up female repression to be released and accepted because it has been ignored or repressed for so long. That is not surprising in

“And because this has been written and digested by billions of people over generations- so the story and the energy of the story is kept alive.”


This repression of women/ the sacred feminine is important to all of us. Our spiritual path, if you want to find the balance, means finding the sacred aspects within all of us- masculine- feminine- child. These aspects may not be themselves equal within each one of us, but are important to our acceptance of all things.

The modern world is still very much over-balanced towards the tendencies of men. This is why the recent developments in terms of the truth coming out for prominent stars and officials is so interesting. Lilith energy is striking back! We obviously have so far to go, but the veil is beginning to fall down.  In today’s society, where discussions are held, say for example, the tampon tax- comments by men often refer to the ‘curse’ or some sort of men are superior statement. Remember, we all came out of a woman, we are all a part of this, no apart.

Lilith is there to remind us that we should stick up for ourselves and others- we are all equal. Lilith represents self-liberation and the expression of anger. Lilith is linked to the solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Lilith provides us with the ‘Truth Bomb’, which can be hard to accept, but can bring healing to us all. She can bring in self-liberation, a finding of strength and virtue within that. Shame becomes exposed, guilt will be felt and anger will be expressed so that it can be released.


Lilth is represented in Astrology as the Black Moon. The space (or an actual shadow orb) in the orbital path of the moon. Lilith often represents our greatest challenge in our lifetime. Lilith has recently moved into Capricorn, where she will remain for the next nine months, taking approximately nine days in each degree. Symbolic, much? – Nine in numerology is linked to a difficult childhood feeling abandoned by parents. She also represents spiritual consciousness and completion and resolution through working with the shadow.


In my opinion, there is no hard, set fast rule. Just like working with the divine feminine, feminine energy is more intuitive and flowing- less reasoned and logical/pre-destined.

For me, working with Lilith is a path of inner-truth and acceptance- that leads to acceptance of the outer world/universe. We work with releasing angers and fears (often programmed into us) so it will depend what we need to release and what we need to accept as truth. There will be darkness, that is part of you. It is okay, freeing it can be painful to let go of. it is okay to feel that pain, to let it go, when you are ready.
And it is something that has to be revisited in my opinion, each time you shed a little more.

Sexually, Lilith can give us strength, strength to be who we are. She IS proud of her sexuality, but she is no ones whore or fantasy figure. She can play the role of temptress, bit is for her to play and not for anyone to demand of her. It is empowered.

Allow that darkness, dismissed and discarded shadow some light, for it may bring you the greatest, most joyful connection. Give it some love, give her some love. It brings everything a little closer together.

Injoy, inlight and inlove

Phoenix xx


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