Message for those that are awaiting The Return of Christ

Boy, I never expected to be writing this type of channelled message on my blog! but when part of your role is as a messenger for the messengers. This is what you can end up doing.  This message was received just after doing the washing up, so part of the energy of changing things from dirty to clean. I do not know who the being called Arkadia is, but that is the name attributed to this message. Anyway, here’s the message:

“Know that the energy is already here, that there is no one man or woman to lead you. For man has strayed from truth to suit his own means, we bring the light through unblemished. It is within all of you, for you are the sons and daughters of the great ones. You physical parents are in human form, yet your energetic forefathers are imprinted in the galactic blueprints of the universe.

Remember, energy is the currency of the universe. All things trade it between themselves, in flow, in a unity, either where conscious or not. It is not the commodity that you use your money tokens for, for you have lost the great connection of unity and love and wholeness. It is there for you to rediscover, by connecting your heart once again to the universal language of energy and vibration, to the great tones of life.

The dimensional shift that you are seeking is coming, but there is work to be done. There is a great deal of heartbreak and anger to be released. There are layers of truth to be reconciled out of the great darkness (shadow). Man will not fall through the cracks but will be given a chance to review. The continuation of the lines of borrowed sins are fallen. Be humble and be brave, be in your true light for that is where you can see the brightest and clearest.

We assist with your energy, not money, power or war. We empower the light beacons to shine upon the Christed ones, who do their work with you. We empower the grid lines and power lines to bring about changes across the dimensional planes of Gaia (Earth). This 12/12 grid becomes the trinity energy of love peace and unity. Bring this in to yourselves, allowing all the darkness to be shown love and light, justice and acceptance. Be kind to yourself a this time and remember you are loved.

Into the spirit light we go, so it will be. – Arkadia”

Notes: 12/12 in numerology is 3-3 (10+2/10+2) , 3/3 is a Christed number pattern, for example 33, 333…


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