Astrology- Your returns and half-returns

Astrology | Planetary Returns and Half-returns

Are you aware of Planetary returns and half-returns? Are you aware of the ones you have already experienced?

As I say in the video, we don’t look at the inner planets as they return so frequently to not be as effective. Once you get past Mars though, it gets interesting.

So Jupiter returns are every twelve years from birth, with half returns at the half-way points in the cycle. Jupiter, our planet of expansion and good fortune and abundance is a good return to get. Every 12 years (similar to the ‘year of’ return in Chinese astrology). The half-return is like an opposition though and it can go a bit wonky!

Saturn returns less frequently, starting at around age 29-30 years of age. It’s a time of settling down, home, family and all that is coming up as a theme. Our relationships with authority (Saturn is the patriarch) are also under examination at this point. Again, here, the half-return is not so favourable and can affect you at 14-15 and 43-45… which takes us nicely on to Uranus…

You have to live to the age of 84, by no means impossible in the modern world to feel the Uranus return. The more important one is the half-return at the age of 42 or thereabouts. This coincides with a Jupiter half-return and is near the second Saturn half-return. This period is generally seen as the time of the dreaded Mid-life crisis! This period of 42-45 can be life-changing and can be seen as going off the rails or being tested- to come out of it in a better place when you started. It is also a time of inner transformation and can be an awakening moment spiritually.

So now you know what to look out for!

Injoy, inlight and inlove



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