Astrology: Okay, perhaps we can stop being ‘signist’ now?


Since learning a lot more about astrology and astrotheology over the last six years, I’ve become more familiar with my own natal chart. The Natal chart captures the position of the planets at the moment you were born, giving your sun sign and moon sign and all the rest. I’ve made some fascinating discoveries based on other people’s interpretations of the aspects, such as Mars in Scorpio. That was a particular ‘Aha’ moment!

For me, astrology gives lots of clues to your own tendencies and leanings towards particular directions in life. Most people go on the Sun sign (your ‘main star sign’) as the overriding factor in a person. I think this misses the point. Not every Gemini is the same, nor Taurus, etc. There will be generic traits but your other signs and personal experiences shape you. I’ve listened to people bad mouth people because they are a certain Sun sign.

I don’t personally follow daily horoscopes as I feel they are far too generic. Say there are 500 million Leos in the world, are they all going to find money or meet a tall dark stranger who will change their life today? unlikely.  You’d have to have a manual in the newspapers to give anywhere near accurate forecasts. Breaking it down to Sun sign, with Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn would give a lot more variety for example. Even then, I’m not sure you would get exacts anyhow.

Astrological charts are very deep, if you take the time to find out more detail, you may find out a lot more that rings true about the individual concerned.  A lot more than could be explained in a short column in the paper or a tweet. Generalisations or sweeping statements are often a little off the mark.

Now this brings me to signism! Is it a word, well, if it wasn’t before it is now. Too many people I have talked to recently about dating and astrology have said many times they can’t be with or just flat out don’t like someone allegedly and apparently because of their main star sign! “Oh god, he’s a Libra”, “Urgh! I can’t stand Aquarius”, “typical bloody Aries!”, etc. Yeah, because they are all the same, huh? sounds like a little bit of prejudice right there. I mean, everyone with brown eyes acts the same, everyone with blue eyes and so on?

I also know people who see only their own sun sign as being the best one.  Nothing wrong with being proud of who you are, but you’re not all like that are you? For example:

  • Leo is the brightest, loudest, most loving. Everyone should love Leo.
  • Scorpio is amazing as the deepest darkest. Scorpio should be feared and respected!
  • Libra is the fixer, mediator and great to get along with. Everyone loves Libra.
  • Cancer is the supportive, emotional leader and great cook to boot.
  • Capricorn is the down to earth, get on with it, a leader.
  • Gemini is the free and easy love fairy, flying from thing to thing.

People who generically hate those signs have said to me:

  • Leo is bossy and all about drama, self and ego.
  • Scorpio is a obsessive,  destructive and neurotic weirdo.
  • Libra is flaky, never makes a decision. Too flirty.
  • Cancer is an emotional, self-obsessed controlling windbag!
  • Capricorn is a boring, busy do-gooder and bossy.
  • Gemini is an unstable wishy-washy  flight of fancy…

These are the same Sun signs, in some cases the same people. Just seen with a different perspective.

Zodiac Wheel01

It is no different to most forms of discrimination, and seeing it in the ‘spiritual community’ is perhaps a little surprising as we are supposedly all finding ourselves and our own versions of the truth and learning lessons of oneness and acceptance. But then again, maybe, accepting your own spiritual truth means accepting that you are prejudiced with people because of the period of time of the year they were born.

For the record, UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s Sun sign is Aries. Adolf Hitler was a Solar Aries too.  Does this make all those with a Sun in Aries sign right-wing border patrolling borderline fascists? Erm, No!!! Aretha Franklin, Eric Idle,  and Jackie Chan are also Aries. David Cameron is a Libra, but so are Ghandi and Amma! They are quite different types of people.

I recommend astrology for some great self-discovery and direction. But if you can, listen to your heart, think with an open mind and get to know someone before judging them. They might be one of those good ones you heard about 😉

Sorry, I know we get on really well, you seem lovely, there’s such a ‘spark’ and I think I love you.,.you might be a soul mate… BUT…you’re a Virgo.
I’m so sorry, we just can’t be friends… let alone lovers. If only you’d been a Sagittarius, I needed you to be a fire sign… *facepalms*



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