Filling The Void Of Reality (and the Ego)

There’s often a common theme with healing that when you remove a blockage (mental, physical or spiritual), you should replace it with positive energy/light to ensure that it does not just become an open space ready to be filled by negative energy/fear vibes. This is designed to ensure that the person does not leave the session to go back to their negative waves, or at least limit any damage from going straight back to any toxic environment or situation. It can’t always work as we are only human, after all, but it sets a good intent.

We don’t often talk about what we do with our concept of reality when the bubble bursts. How many times have you heard that you have been told a lie your entire life “… but we have the truth?”.

When the Bubble bursts
Many of us will experience reality bubble bursts several times in our lifetimes, so it is good practice to show discernment when forming our new bubbles – to be careful of what we allow in to fill the void in our reality. The most common practice for influencers/manipulators is to use small truths or half-truths to let you gain confidence in their truth-telling abilities to ‘wake you up’ from your reality and in turn, set you up for a new one. Once you are hooked in, you will be encouraged to show your support, spread the word and buy the merchandise. I mean, there can be little difference in this regard between fandom and following a cult, I’d say that’s a real grey area.

How many times have you heard that you have been told a lie your entire life “… but we have the truth?”.

Vulnerability of Spiritually open people
The alternative spiritual realm is one of the most interesting ones that we can operate in. We access information, not only from organisations and the web of all things, but we access through our minds. We access information from ‘source’ – from ‘guides’, from messengers (Angels, etc.), from God itself, We use cards, pendulums and other formats to access the ‘divine information’. We open ourselves for guidance and often have trust in that source of information. In a realm where cold-hard facts don’t matter and we have no physical evidence, faith and trust are important, as we are vulnerable.

By also connecting into the flow of the universe- where synchronicities are forming and messages can be sent by any medium, discernment becomes important. At the same time, a lot of spiritual practices involve trying to reduce or eradicate the ego, it can be easy to be open to someone else’s.

I think it is important to be aware of people trying to hack into your reality concept and question when that happens- are they doing this because it is true or are they doing this to recruit/capitalise on you?

Hearing the other side of the coin
We are more likely to be open to hearing the opposite of what we believed to be true when re-shaping our reality, rather than correct inaccuracies. People play on this, as evidenced strongly in the leave/remain, democrat/republican, mask/anti-mask and many other polarising splits. By choosing one, everything about the opposite becomes a lie or fake news. Remember, that half-truths and outright lies can be used to hook you, so some of what is said on the other side may in fact be true. It’s become hard in these times to easily see through lies and deceptions as those in power and those opposed are often very skilled at levels of spin and dishonesty at the very least. (In my opinion) Only a fool would outright trust their government to behave in their best interests, but that doesn’t by default mean that all of those opposing the government are the truth-telling awakeners they make out to be.

Truth? you can’t handle the truth…
Another key factor is that the truth can be hard to define. I started out my spiritual path as a ‘truth seeker’, until I realised that the truth is dependent on many factors, including what actually, factually, happened. It doesn’t end their though, as it is also dependent on perception, where one side’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. I was writing a book on the subject ‘The Way of Truth’ , until it felt far too convoluted and messy. So, yes, truth! I couldn’t handle the truth.

It is your concept of reality that holds you power, other people want to access/use/steal it. Please, just be careful as to whom you allow access to it.


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