Eclipse Season 2020 (and a great Conjunction to come!)

Hello friends! Welcome to the eclipse season of 2020. We are where we are, here in 2020 and we finish the year with two Monday eclipses and the great conjunction on 21st December (also a Monday, or Moon-day).

The lunar eclipse, the fourth and final one of the year, will be visible for a large portion of Europe and the Americas. The Solar eclipse on the 14th is a southern hemisphere affair. Not that any of this makes a difference to the effects of an eclipse happening. Eclipses give a moment, a a time for respite from the noise interfering with us and for energy to flow in or to be recognised.

Lunar Eclipse
First up is the Lunar eclipse on 30 November (around 9:30am GMT, 04:30 am EST). The Moon is going to be eclipsing whilst in Gemini, the opposite to the Sun’s Sag position. Be prepared for old thoughts and patterns to come up for resolution, once again. This eclipse could very well be a highly emotional one to get through. Some of those old things that have been pushed down and ignored can come up again.

It’s of course nothing new for 2020, the past few months have been a pattern of receiving and releasing with portals opening on 08-08 through 11-11. We’ve had a Lion’s gate, the Virgin gate, the Dragon’s gate and the Angelic gate. All of these were opportunities for growth. Here comes a checkpoint alongside the 12-12 to 21-12 portal!

Mercury the messenger (that sometimes go so awry when retrograde) is our communications service and is in Scorpio along with Venus. Mercury in Scorpio can be to the point. Whilst we may not always appreciate the sharpness, bluntness that Scorpio brings, it can be an advantage to here it outright. There’s no beating around the bush. Saturn (our reason/logic) and Jupiter (our expanding philosopher) and Pluto (our resurrection, rebirth, awakening)? are conjunct in Capricorn. Saturn and Jupiter are two degrees apart, Pluto is within 5 degrees of each.

This eclipse wants you to be real, to be honest with yourself and no hiding is aloud!

How have you grown? What has been released? No, honestly, what has been released? See what comes back up again as an unresolved issue- either in feelings and memories or in continuing patterns of engagement and communication. Don’t feel bad about things that come up again, feel like you’ve not worked them through- this is part of our internal work. We fix things on one level, perhaps bury them on another level. We deal with things as we are able to.

Sometimes we just are just in denial as we use the power of positivity to shine light and try and over-ride the hurt, the pain or the guilt of a situation. We’re just masking the pain, so it may reveal itself again. This is actually part of our coping mechanisms that we use to get by. Our spiritual and mental health is not a ‘fix in one big blast of light’ kind of thing, you know?

So accepting that we ‘imperfectly’ heal ourselves and situations, you can allow these issues to come up and rather than just react in anger, tears or dejection- try to reflect as to why this has come up again? Have you been programmed to accept less than what you are worth or due? Has your environment nurtured growth and acceptance, or has it been restrictive and manipulative? How are you responding and is that reasonable of you or for others? Are any expectations of others manipulating the situation?

Know that truth is sometimes ugly, but we are all sometimes ugly- to err is human, after all. Perfect imperfection!

Sitting with what may be an uncomfortable truth, whilst uneasy is important to understanding and progressing through the issues. If you act in you own highest position of truth and accountability- you will find the answers to work through this. If you are unable to do this, you can always ask for help as you go through this. I will be if it is necessary!

Solar Eclipse
Next up, two weeks to the day, is the Solar Eclipse on 14 December 2020 at approximately 4:17 PM GMT, 11:17 AM EST). The Sun and Moon are both at 23 degrees in Sagittarius.

Assisting the solar eclipse energy is Mercury, just 3 degrees apart- in Sagittarius. Mercury the messenger is our communications (that sometimes go so awry when retrograde) service. Now, with assistive communications, where are Saturn (our reason/logic) and Jupiter and Pluto? They are conjunct in Capricorn. Well, Saturn and Jupiter are this time only a degree apart, Pluto is 4-5 degrees away.

This is a highly encouraging aspect, where the expansion, the logic and reason and spooky decoder of mysteries are all in alignment, whilst the spritely combo of sun, moon and mercury are looking for expansion, they yearn to learn. Sagittarius is all about the truth- so boom! awakening? viola!

Well…..nope!- darn it, not so fast, my friend…

There’s Venus in Scorpio and Black Moon Lilith (BML) in Taurus to contend with. Oh dear. Venus is probably the most out of her comfort zone in Scorpio, which may influence the hissy fits. Lilith in Taurus is a hard transition to go through. I find Lilith’s influence is hard to define sometimes. Taurus is fixed earth energy, but Lilith there just seems stubborn and manipulative. BML is descriptive of what’s going on in the USA (from an outsider’s point of view ) – a stubbornness to accept a result, to concede, to allow yourself to be wrong. These positions may be subtly interfering in your perception, so be aware of this!

Frankly, don’t be expecting an awakening of the masses on the 14th. It is more likely that we will have a huge cock-up, reveal tantrum or all of the above around this time. Some people will be dragged into a new age kicking and screaming. There may be some of that during the eclipse. IF you are open to difference of opinion, to learn and truly grow- there is a whole new vision out there for you! This is a time of shifting our baggage so that we can move forwards. If you’ve been doing that already, the easier it may come. Please be supportive to those who are all out of sorts as they begin to shift, remember what it’s been like for you.

For yourself- try to be aware as to how things fall together- you may find encouragement or resolution in things your trying to decipher. If your whole world feels like it is falling apart on the 14th- try to breath, take a step back and look at the big picture. You could be experiencing the biggest change in your perception of your reality. You may see people for who they truly are. Be honest with yourself and get ready to move on.

Onwards and upwards!

I’ll post separately on the 12-12 portal and Conjunction at the equinox on 21st December as this post is long enough already!

Injoy, inlight and inlove



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