What is Aquarius energy (the Age of)

Okay, I thought I would let things settle down for a few days before trying to explain what is the energy of Aquarius. (TL;DR- honestly check your energy source, be in and out of love.)

It is a clearly widely held view that we have moved into the age of Aquarius, either on 21 December 2020, back in 2012, back in the 1960s or even 1948 (apparently according to an Uluru Elder) There is lots of rejoicing as to moving into this sign. And it is a positive sign that change is on the way, but the changes that we are facing may come with pain before they come with pleasure. There’s going to be a struggle to relinquish control.

I was struggling a little to try and understand and explain fully the dichotomy of the complex character of Aquarius. This it is even more interesting/difficult to explain in terms of the astrological age, because of course the sun is moving in the opposite direction (processional) this so its journey through the zodiac is actually in reverse. This means that Aquarius’s journey instead of coming from Capricorn (Cardinal Earth), it is instead coming from mutable water-Pisces. It means that the water bearer, instead of allowing the water to flow for the fish to swim in, is instead faced with the situation of preparing the Earth (Capricorn) for a different set of circumstances.


It takes nearly 26,000 years (25,800-25,920 estimated), for the sun to reach its processional end, which means shifting about 1° every 72 years, or 30° (an astrological sign) over 2160 years. Some astrologers also prophesied that the 25,920 year cycle is actually the orbital linkup with Sirius A. This means that the age of Aquarius lasts over 2000 years.

Aquarius, the sign

Aquarius is one of the only signs of the zodiac that is ruled by two planets and this is where some confusion can arise. On the one hand, Saturn, that has been in charge of Capricorn and deals with authority, boundaries, rules, establishment is held in equal measure with Uranus, the planet known as the awakener, a rebellious force that comes with energies of unpredictability, change, intuition, liberation and transformation. It can also be described as a higher vibration of mercury.

So that’s the first stage of understanding of where Aquarius is in itself caught in two minds. Where Saturn is in control, it is easy for authority to be in control, for discipline and fear and responsibility to rule. Where Uranus is in control, change is on the menu. The the necessity for change or liberation, is led through intuition and/or chaos. This in itself can be unpredictable, because even the person implementing the change cannot be 100% sure that they are acting out of intuition or being led by chaos. It is this unpredictability of Uranus that is so clashing with Saturn (organisation).

So it would appear that just through the astrology, Aquarius is in itself in battle between order and chaos. This is the perfect recipe for change and transformation that is eclipsed in the highest order of the final piece of the zodiac puzzle, Pisces.

Rebellion energy is +/-

Let’s be clear, that rebellion, uprising is neither a good or a bad force on its own. As there are often two sides to every story, especially with humanity, it can depend on which side of the fence you are on as to whether something is good or bad. The 20th century is full of examples of rebellions and uprisings, changes of control, which have normally been at the behest of somebody’s ego and need for power and control.

The 21st-century is no different, and with trying to understand the chaos that comes out of a need for control, is dependent on the intended outcome of such events.

From a personal point of view, I would have thought that the need to make life better for everybody, and I mean everybody, might be a good motive. The need to acquiesce to somebody’s ego and pride are probably not the best need for change, as they will undoubtedly need changing in the future.

As it is with science, the same is true here the energy is neutral, it is the peoples and collectives controlling and directing this energy that direct whether this energy will be used for good, for bad or for miscellaneous purposes (!)

The Pisces influence

Where this is different, is from an astrological age point of view, because Aquarius is not providing the change for Pisces. It is instead leading the change away from Pisces. Astrological age Pisces led the challenge of balancing the need for sacrifice and repentance with knowledge and expansion. The masses were kept under control of martyrdom, repentance, sin, forever paying for the sacrifices that were made for them (by Jesus, by Crusaders, through abstinence, through submission) and later the war consciousness energy. Knowledge and expansion came through the age of reason, through sciences, through understanding that there may be more out there than we initially can ever know, that we may not be alone in the universe, that there may be more to stars than just lights in the sky moving around, gives us a different perspective.

Jupiter is awesome, as most of my Sagittarian friends would attest to. I find these people are so curious in the ways of the world, the universe and the workings of everything that I end up having a lot of friends in that (solar) sign. Neptune rules Pisces, yet falls in Aquarius, meaning that inspiration, enlightenment, mysticism, confusion, sacrifice, glamour can all get turned on their head in Aquarius.

The Planets, Patriarchy and Mythology

In the tales behind the planets, Jupiter was the attractive seducer of innocent young women whilst Neptune was the ruler of the oceans. Aquarius is held together by patriarchal power, Saturn was originally called Kronos, who was a patriarchal head and a Greek mythology, whilst Uranus was was originally in union- one with Gaia, before Kronos defeated him. Kronos’ charge Rhea was seen as the mother of gods. Incidentally, in Greek time Jupiter was previously known as Zeus, and Neptune was Poseidon before being renamed by the Romans. Zeus was the king of the gods and leader of Mount Olympus. It’s all patriarchal leaders fighting for control.

Why is this tale of the patriarchs of any use or interest? I believe that firstly, it shows that patriarchal powers have been writing everything leading up to this point that we have recorded. We are talking about thousands of years here. The controlling planets were always seen as the leading patriarch and it means that during the age of Pisces where both the Greeks and Romans ruled a significant portion of than “known” world it was seen that Zeus and Poseidon were in charge of the greater picture. The Romans of course changed their names to Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter was demoted, as being second only to Apollo (the Sun, Ra/Aten anyone?) and Neptune fell down the ranks even further. But Sun and Jupiter were in control.

With Jupiter (also Zeus) it was clearly a case of biggest is best, my planet is bigger than your planet, so I rule. Side note, I wonder if there is an Eddie Izzard sketch about this- “Do you have a planet?”

The lessons from moving from Pisces into Aquarius

If we look at the keywords for Saturn and Uranus, we see that there is of course a power struggle in this transition. Jupiter and Neptune (Pisces’ ruling planets) at their highest good were about enhancing belief, knowledge and in general expansion. We’ve moved through patriarchal kingdoms of Kings and Queens, emperors and empires, industrial and technological revolutions and of course two world wars. Pisces was no picnic, but it did bring about, eventually movement. Whilst some of the old Piscean patriarchal energy exists, there is room to challenge our authority, our boundaries, the way we interact as people.

Depending on where you see Pisces ending and Aquarius starting, we either saw the end of world wars, the end of segregation and apartheid, the end of the Cold War, the rise of feminism, the rise for equality in a very unequal world at the end of Pisces or the start of Aquarius.

A lot has been said of unity consciousness, and coming from a place of love. Aquarius is a very loving sign, but of course there are many types of love and it can be manipulative, coercive and in fact evil when it goes awry. Sometimes it’s just that rebellious streak, the need for chaos, that wants to destroy the tower of cards at any cost, without necessarily any thought of what will be built in its place. One of the biggest checkpoints with Aquarius, is always going to be to take a step back and evaluate the energy that is projected both in word and outward. Aquarius itself holds both genius and psychopathy in the balance, it is important to have this realisation.

Ask yourself this-are my thoughts, are my actions coming from a true place of love and unity with the goals of the best for all concerned in mind or are they even slightly, disingenuous? Am I seeking power or control over others, or am I seeking to work with others to produce the best for humanity?

Ask yourself do I have a need to be partisan, or am I neutral? To a have a need to have created villains and victors?

If you have doubts, clear you energy or disconnect and disassociate temporarily, so that you can check where you are coming from, where your information has come from and has it been coming from a manipulated source. If so, clear your energy, with your best-known techniques, be it energy therapy, meditation, crystal therapy or mediumship, dousing or scrying. Remembering at all times, to protect yourself from outside influence that is not serving the highest good.

Also, from the positive side of Saturn- remember to enforce healthy boundaries, the Piscean age lowered boundaries, so that we were submissive to the will of ‘our betters’. This is a fallacy, it’s time for that to end. Healthy boundaries will help build a healthier way forward.


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