Astrology- leading up to full moon Jan 2021

Well good day, Astropeeps!

I’m writing this on a cold yet sunny morning here in Bristol where the Aquarius sunshine is boosted by the Taurus moon with a whole lot of other aspects going on in the background. Aquarius right now is charged, primed and ready with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all assisting in this sign! In contrast, coming with the more grounded energy of Taurus, the moon, Mars and Uranus are in this sign. .. and that’s one of the main influences of this time, its earth and air, groundedness and cosmic intelligence.

Today’s chart

So as we lead up to the full moon, there is this pact, these allegiances working square to each other. One set is in Aquarius, that is ruled by 2 planets and wants to rebel, to rise up, to “eff things up” which is square to grounded Taurus (governed by Venus -ruler of two planets) also in the mix are the Capricorn placements, Pluto and Venus which are sextile or tine to aspects- Venus sextile Neptune and Pluto trine Moon. These signs and aspects are not exactly home for either Venus or Pluto and just add to the challenge. Aquarius is a complex creature, Capricorn is straight up rules, boundaries and scientific truth.

What this all adds up to at the moment, is influencers from the ground and influencers from the heart and influencers from the stars all competing for attention. As we lead up to the full moon in Cancer (on the 28th), the challenge will intensify as Mars and Uranus stay conjunct, with the moon moving into Gemini before becoming full in Cancer.

Our communications system

Mercury is in it’s pre-retrograde phase in Aquarius, when it will turn retrograde a few days after the full moon. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will help provide another way of communicating, realisations and reflections- as well as some things going awry. Mercury in Aquarius is prone to exaggerate or maniplate to get its way. Retrograde, the universe’s reversal (like in the Tarot) will allow things to be ‘seen’.

Making a prediction, reading

What makes writing about this time and issuing any forms of guidance difficult, purely through the astrology aspects is that it depends where you currently are as to what you would need to do – and that’s not specific to any one person in any one particular sign. I’ve always seen astrology as our influencer, rather than splaying out predetermined fates, not undermining the acts of free will that we make, whilst not undermining the fact that there are many influences out there, that are not directly our own, well at least consciously!

This is one of the reasons why I stopped doing monthly full moon reports and do periodic astrological readings, because they are always going to hit the mark for certain people, but others will not see things the same way. This doesn’t mean that either side is particularly wrong-they may be differing points of view, so the report can be preaching to the converted.

The guidance for now

For some people is going to be sticking to the path, carrying on with these new projects that they’re already embarking on., whilst other people are going to have ideas that need to be capitalised on-that they are not already enacting. In addition, there are those that are lurking around in the dark spaces, being influenced by negative entities that would be best served by letting go of and disconnecting those ties. Those are the ones that may need to rebel against their influencers. For those people, Mercury in retrograde may give them the clarity they (do not) seek.

I would honestly assess where you are and act accordingly.

Take good care of one another,

Injoy, inlight and inlove,

Phoenix x


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