Monthly Energy Portals

Understanding the annual portals and what they can relate to.

Everyone nowadays seems to know about the Lion’s gate(way) portal that is prevalent on 08/08 each year and the days before and after. Not many people seem to say much about the other days, other than numerologists. During a meditational conversation with Thoth I was covering these phenomenons and what they relate to.

He said that each portal, actively strongest for up to five days each side of the date, that

this is a development tool for each our our basic chakras and then to the higher energies. He said this is one way of looking at the energy of the dates and one way of working with them. It is about focusing on balancing your energies around the theme.

01/01Base Chakra
02/02Sacral Chakra
03/03Solar Plexus Chakra
04/04Heart Chakra
05/05Throat Chakra
06/06Brow Chakra (Third Eye)
07/07Crown Chakra
08/08Lion’s Gateway portal (In Leo)
09/09Virgin Gateway portal (In Virgo)
10/10Dragon’s Gateway portal (in Libra)
11/11Angelic Gateway portal (In Scorpio)
12/12Unity Gateway portal (in Sagittarius)

1-7 promote our inner world relationships via chakra points. Focusing on one charka is an intent- but we would still look to keep healthy chakras at all times- this is purely the necessary time to hyperfocus on each one. Each chakra point is also a focus on the outer world relationships with other people and their corresponding chakra.

8-12 are the outer relationships. Spiritually they are more than merely working with other humans. The expansion energy here transcends the main seven chakras and the body and works with the wider consciousness.

01/01 Base Chakra.

Begin the year by grounding yourself. Look at your goals and aims for the year. Ground yourself to start on the right foot.

02/02 Sacral Chakra

At the second portal point, focus on balancing your sacral chakra. Avoid needless wast of your sacred energy and promote inner and outer relationship harmony in-line with your sexual energy and harness your creative powers

03/03 Solar Plexus Chakra

From the sacral point we allow that cleared energy to flow to our solar plexus- out internal sun. This is our point of will and helps us get on and relate to others and get things done.

We focus on our actions and interntions being clean and pure.

04/04 Heart Chakra

In the Heart Chakra we are balacing our feelings. This is not purely a romantic energy portal, but one of inter-connectiveness and being in a place of balanced love. We let go of things that don’t serve our hearts and that involves people and co-dependency issues.

05/05 Throat Chakra

SPEAK UP! We focus on clearing our throat chakras. Being aligned with Taurus energy, we perhaps uncomfortably speak up and stand up for ourselves. This portal is about clearing our energy for cmmunicating, so we can say what we see from the next portal.

06/06 Brow Chakra- Third Eye Portal

A visionary portal! The Brow Chakra portal relates to our pineal gland and third eye points. We focus our attention on balancing our brow chakras. Particularly useful work is meditation focusing on breathwork with the pineal gland focus and higher perception guidance meditations.

07/07 Crown Chakra

Now we step up into the final portal relating to our physical body chakra system.

For the Crown portal we focus on clearing our senses, making sure that our thoughts are aligned so that we can receive and perceive the higher learning that we wish to attain. For mediums and readers, an excellent portal to work with, to maintian balance. This portal is great for the ones to come

08/08 Lion’s Gateway Portal

Past the crown, we now move into the spiritual portals of the world. This is the gate of the Lion people, the portal where personal and collective expansion begins. Each one is different in relation to where you are in your spiritual development. Expansive. Also, a key worker for healing at this time is Sekhmet.

09/09 Virgin Gateway Portal

The Virgin gateway portal can appear at first to be step-bakc or down from the Lions! As with the progression in the Zodiac from Leo to Virgo, it really isn’t that firey lion energy needs grounding and Virgo the Virgin does this perfectly (mostly). Forget any misconceptions about virginity or innocence, this is not what this is about. This is a purity gateway, an essential mid-point between Lions and Dragons.

This is a portal for grounding the energies that we work with in the previous space. It needs grounding before the proceeding gateway, which is…

10/10 Dragon Gateway Portal

Dragons are amazing inter-dimensional beings. Messengers and healers from afar.

This portal gives us a chance to expand out kosmic consciousness and work with higher energies for ourselves and others. It is the next stage from the grounded virgin.

Although a Crocodile and not a Dragon, Sobek (Kosmic transformer) is a good Egyptian guide guide

11/11 Angelic Gateway Portal

Ah! 11:11 a date which liveth in infamy for peace. This angelic portal is here to remind us of our humanity and links with the higher energies. This point is the next evolutionary step towards Unity. We look to move out of war consciousness and into peace consciousness. If we haven’t left the warring mindset, peace becomes very difficult!

12/12 Unity Gateway Portal

December is the final month of the Julian calendar and it is here that the Unity portal is present. 13 days before Christmas this portal opens in the sign of Sagitarrius. The home of expansion (Jupiter) and a holy time of year for Christians is a transcending period. We should be focusing our energies on union. Unity consciousness develops here, it is at this final point that the progression in made. 2020 saw the great planetary conjunction occur between this portal’s main day and Christmas. Focus on our expansion, taking into account everything we have learned and worked on in the 11 previous portals.

And finally!

But this portal is not the end! We will repeat it again and again and again. Each time we go through this process, like the Sun’s journey through the Zodiac gives us an expanded knowledge base and the chance of sprititual evolutionary progress


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