Discernment and Grounding the energy in (Lions and Dragons Part II)

Following on from my post earlier this month, regarding the Lion’s Gateway and future Dragon’s Gateway, we have moved into phase two of this particular sequence. As the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all aligned in Virgo, things have moved on.

Virgo is an incredibly hard working sign, true to its earthy core. The Lion’s gate(way) was a good time to be receptive to downloading. I, personally, received some very good energy and guidance through meditation and energy healing activities. I know many others did two, as evident on their many social media posts. It was good to hear that this was not just me (but it is never all about anyone anyway), but many.


Please do not worry if you did not feel you received anything energetically or mentally during this gateway experience. As they say in the Pirate of the Caribbean films, they are mostly guidelines, not actual rules. As so many people are connecting up to the multi-dimensional realms for guidance, there are many answers received and interpreted by so many of us. What is right for one is not going to be right for all.

If time is not linear, you will not need to experience this at this time for it to be effective. I hope that makes sense.


As we moved into Virgo on the 22nd, the transition began from the fiercely energetic and perhaps chaotic Leo energy, from the fire and into the earth. Leo is the fixed fire that burns all in its way (which from a spiritual term is a cleansing, not a massacre!) whilst Virgo is mutable earth energy that is know as the maiden. Leo is ruled by the Sun but Virgo by Mercury (the messenger).  We will receive a lot of mixed messages (including attempted deceptions) at this time.

I’m not trying to repeatedly bang on the same drum here, but discernment really is key to our growth. A lot of unhelpful stuff is going to derail us from out paths. As we ground our experiences, we will be in a better position to weigh the validity of information.


The Leo time, with the particular Lion’s gateway period of 4-12 August, was the solar festival, a showpiece on the calendar. It was bright and colourful and great fun. Virgo, with mercury is a lot more down-to-earth and that mutable, flexible characteristic is a great leveller. The Virgo time is brilliant time to build and reflect on what was experienced in the past month. Beyond the smoke, mirrors and excitement of the gateway, there was some profound learning. Most of the learning or realisation comes in the reflection afterwards.

After the fireworks have stopped, you can settle down to go inward and reflect. This is by no means a clipping of wings or derailment. It is a big part of the process.

The shift into Libra’s Dragon Gateway (on or around 10/10) should be massive, I feel it’s best if we can ground ourselves in readiness for the next step. I feel very excited about this time.

I hope to see you here again soon (or in the aether!)

Injoy, inlight and inlove



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