Lions and Dragons: The gateways of 2020

Dear Holistic Transformers,

We, today,  begin the next part of our journey. This time, now, is where we finally shift some of the darkness we have collectively held. 2020 may have been a very tough year for you. It has been quite a a ride, but for some, it has been a smooth transition (gosh, lucky them, eh?). In dark times, the light shines the strongest, remember.

Please pay attention to the energies of this time. Many people are open to the Lion’s gateway energies, a time of transformation, of release and upgrade of thoughts, receptivity and energy vibration.

The next four month cycle is going to help the shift towards ascension. Each step is important, as it follows on from the last. Used together, they will change your reality (I am told by my guides). It follows the sequence of astrology and sound healing- the grounding of the healing, the essential ‘miracle period’ is in the silence between the sound waves. So this means that the grounding periods between the big waves (the two gateways) are as important, if not more so than the big waves themselves.

LION’S GATEWAY 8/8 (Peaking on 8th Aug, running from 4th – 12th August) 

This Lion’s gateway is going to be intense for a lot of us, the letting go of old patterns will be difficult for many. It’s no coincidence that the gateway opens at the same time as all this confusion reigns on the world. Birthing in a new light may seem counter-intuitive to you if you are in ‘protect mode’. The fear they promote is designed to keep you from expanding.

Open yourself to receive the Lion’s light, the energy of transformation. Become one with the light. It can also be described as the Holy Lion Fire Light, it is a light flame, which may sound alien to us as it should be either flame or light- but in higher consciousnesses, in a quantum reality, it is both the flame and the light.

You can do this via meditation, energy therapy, stillness, sitting in groups ready to receive. Follow you own natural ways of protecting your space and opening your chakras and third eye. Then allow yourself to receive. The peak energy will be a very high vibration and many will receive messages through this portal. There will be additional work to do.

Leo= fixed fire energy.

Following this, throughout the sign of Virgo, comes the grounding and earthing of this energy. Virgo = mutable earth energy.  We must ground the energy that we have received, we must ground the knowledge and lessons. This time is about enacting our new way of being and not being distracted or picked off by the fear energy that is projected towards us. In unity we can work together to keep ourselves both ‘up’ and ‘grounded’ for the journey.

DRAGON’S GATEWAY 10/10 (Peaking on 10th Oct, running from 6th – 14th October) 

Following the Lion’s fire and the grounding of that energy, comes in the Dragon energy of their portal or gateway. The Dragon energy of 2020 is one of unity consciousness and liberation and justice. It follows on from the holy fire energy of the Lion’s gateway.

I will update this article when more information is known, as I’m sire there will be a lot to dive into.

Following the Dragon’s gate, which runs until we meet Scorpio. In Scorpio (fixed water), we will use the water energy (perhaps with water Dragons?) to cleanse. We will begin to embody our new patterns, to scry in the deep waters of expansion.

I am sure that there will be further patterns linking to Sagittarius and Capricorn. I will write on that when I know more.

That’s the pattern

  • In Leo- Lion’s fire gateway
  • In Virgo, earthly grounding
  • In Libra, Dragon’s air gateway
  • In  Scorpio, the deep waters cleanse

Big love, joy, luck and light to you

Phoenix  xx


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