Can we talk about white privilege?

I’ve struggled to put words together for this, please be gentle:

When people say they have yet to experience white privilege, it shows their lack of understanding or their complacency for the system. We just don’t know how many times we DIDN’T get a second glance by police officers, how many times we DIDN’T get stopped and searched, we DIDN’T get tailed whilst driving out and about, we DIDN’T get a note marked on a record.

But we do know from a brief look at statistics that you are much more likely to be stopped by police, to be under surveillance, to be ‘checked’, detained or picked out from a crowd if you are not white.

I am proud of football for making a clear stance on Black Lives Matter, where the names on the back have been replaced by a message, where the premier league logo has been replaced by a that message which needs to be seen clearly. I wish the American sports leagues would do the same, but that’s a different story. It is only a beginning though, it is not the change that needs to happen, a corporate logo being replaced, a name on the back of the shirt doesn’t stop the next person from dying for the crime of not being white.

Just to sit back and say “well, I’m not rich, so I haven’t benefited” is untrue. You just haven’t seen what you have gained because you haven’t had to. Money is a different story, a different struggle, a class struggle. Stating “but what about me?” at this time is tone deaf. You have the privilege that others dream for. Your life has always mattered, can we please focus on those that haven’t?

I hope we can keep this momentum to educate and grow. to change our society to the one it should have been. When the tabloid rags say what happened ‘to old fashioned British values’? I question which ones from our colonial past and present do they see as good and valuable?

I’m posting this on here as the message needs to come everywhere, and keep coming. I know it’s already a month late. I see that some people choose to look past the movement as not a spiritual issue. That because they “don’t see colour” and live in a bubble of love and light.

If you truly live in the heart space, at least acknowledge the pain that it suffers when a part of it suffers. Living in a protective shield does not purely emanate love and light for all beings, because our silence is what has kept the machine intact. You came to Earth to live in this world, to be a part of it, remember? So lets at least try to help change it.

By all means, we do our ‘light work’, we say our words, we cleanse the world, we raise vibration, etc. But remember to be present in the physical world. For all of us to benefit.

#BlackLivesMatter #Keepthemovementgoing


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