New Moon/Chinese New Year musings

Moon Musings

The first new moon of the decade will occur on Friday 24th , 2020 and will be in Aquarius. The moon will be square Uranus (insert appropriate or inappropriate sniggering here) at around 4 degrees.

Now, with apologies to any Aquarius out there reading this, Aquarius is not the most stable of the signs. Being square to Uranus placed in Aries is not a good mixture, which can lead to some unpredictability and irrational decisions being made. This is along with Venus being square Mars- which can bring up lingering anger and frustration, feeding the desire to make that irrational move.

That good news is that the stars are not all lined up against us – they never really are, it’s just how we perceive things, to be honest. Our allies in seeing this new moon are Sun (Aquarius) conjunct Moon and Venus (Pisces) sextile Jupiter in Capricorn, Mercury (Aquarius) sextile Mars in Sagittarius. These all provide combinations of luck and fortitude to help you.

You will have the tools at your disposal to move beyond this frustration. The trick is going to be in stepping back and seeing the full picture and options available, then take action.

New MoonJan 2020

One more opportunity to make a startling change for your own good. Just make sure you are in check with your emotions and aware of baggage carried. You likely will want to make a big improvement, rather than waking up at 4am naked in the middle of nowhere and not knowing what’s happened to you. Remember to ground yourself to get through it!

The best time for making plans or sowing the seeds is in the first week of this phase, so don’t worry if you can’t do it right at the start. Just put down those intentions, make those plans, light those candles and say the prayers. THEN, when grounded, go out and take those first steps. Sometimes they are small, seemingly insignificant things, other times they become huge movements and shifts. Be open to them all.


(Another) New Year!

The Chinese New Year is celebrated at this time, due to them following a lunar as opposed to solar calendar. Whilst there is often more emphasis on full moons in western culture, as it is perhaps in some way the sexiest or full on of the cycles, the new moon is perhaps the more important. You can’t reap the rewards if you don’t sow the seeds and water them!

For any pedants out there, the Chinese New Year officially starts on January 25th- which is what the date will be on the new moon in their time zone. We’ll be enough behind them for it to be the evening of the 24th here (or afternoon in North America).

The Chinese symbol for the year ahead is the Rat, specifically the Metal Rat (rock on!). The Rat is depicted as intelligent, industrious and lucky.

Essentially it is a good year for working and moving on, but there may be a few ailments that need tending to as the year moves on. If you are interested in Chinese Astrology, I will likely do another article on this at some point, but I would suggest looking up your own signs and looking up a forecast for your sign e.g. A 2020 Dragon or Snake,etc.

As always, see you on the other side!

Injoy, inlight and inlove



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