Focus on the Heart

There’s so much noise! So much noise going around, distracting us from where  we need to be.  It’s a simple narrative of ‘everything’s f%$*£!’ Politics is broken, religion is broken, video games and films- entertainment in general is all broken and useless. No one can do their job properly- blah de blah. Everything being thrown at us is to take us out of the heart space that we would be best to remain in and get us back into our heads.

As we approach a new moon in the dark sign of Scorpio- it can be a good time to let the scorpion ‘death’ happen! Remembering that death is another word for change- e.g. as science explains to us energy never dies, it merely changes form. You can change your energy too! Release the negatives and move into the generally more positive heart space.

It is a good time to meditate or use energy work to move back into your heart space.

For example:
1. Try getting some salts (Tibetan rock salts/bath salts) into a bit of water, which will help remove the negative charged energy drain away.
2. Light a ceremonial candle or tealight or two, take some deep breaths in and out and allow your mind to empty.
3. Once you feel that your mind is emptying or easing(don’t resist if it feels like ALL THE THOUGHTS are flowing through your head),  focus on the connective light that comes from right above your head and allow that light to shine on you. You may sense this rather than seeing this with your third eye.)
4. Allow the light to flow down from your crown, through your third eye, past your throat chakra and down into your heart. From there sit with the heart energy and allow all the accumulated things that are no longer needed to leave your consciousness.
5. Bring yourself back with your normal grounding techniques.

It is time to renew, avow to the heart space and remain in alignment to your path.
It is a good time to Love, love, love yourself and those around you. Don’t let the buggers  get you down, because they’re really not worth it (Plus a lot of the chatter is lies anyhow!)

injoy, inlight and inlove,



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