Full Moon in Taurus: 4 November 2017

Full Moon Blessings to everyone, today is a sightly shorter than normal full moon report for tomorrows full moon 5:22 am (UK) | 1:22 am EDT (US). The Moon will be in Taurus, in opposition to the Solar Scorpio rays!

Scorpio Sun vs Taurus Moon

The main event of a full moon is the opposition of the great character (Sun) against the emotional self (moon), an opposition that is always the opposite sign of the zodiac. Taurus in an earth sign (home of Venus) and watery Scorpio resides with Pluto and Mars (eek!).

This is an interesting match up of the deepness of Scorpio, a deep fixed cold watery chalice offering transformation (that’s good or bad, take your chance haha!) that works with Pluto – and the earthy loving fixed indulgence of Taurus. Deep water and fixed earth can often lead to mud. This is no time to get stuck in the etheric mud. Grounding is important, which will help the stubborn ground that won’t give way some help in accepting the polar opposite of Scorpio.

Other important aspects


Helpfully, Venus and Mars are in Libra to stop the scorpions poison from biting too much and Taurus from sinking.

Neptune ( in Pisces) is busy: it is sextile the moon, trine the sun- which will increase intuition and psychic abilities for the three day halo period. Jupiter is conjunct the Sun in Scorpio. It is a good time for dreaming, realisation and renewal.

Venus in Libra is very involved here. She is sextile Saturn (in Sag) and in opposition to Uranus in Aries. This is an important time for romance. It may be a time where individuality overrides everything else and Aries pushes independence and breakaway, whilst

Tips for transforming with the full moon

  • Be aware of your thoughts, keep you positivity high. It is an important time for manifesting- especially if you set things up with the new moon.
  • Don’t get stuck in the mud! Your thoughts can get you out of this. Breath work and energy work can help, as can listening to your favourite music or activities such as taking a relaxing bath or yoga/tai chi.
  • Allow yourself to daydream. Daydreaming or lucid dreaming is a reality processor and can advance your timeline shifts.
  • Love! love, love, love! Take care of yourself and loved ones at this time. Sacred unity creates an easier pathway.
  • Be receptive to others. As Venus is involved here, our reality of love can be shaking up, re-aligning.  If you are aligned with someone as a partner, you will be receptive of their dreams and goals – even where they don’t necessarily match.

Full Moon Mantra

” As I dare to dream of what may be,
I take care of those loved around me,
For the magic is formed in the making
of sharing dreams that are awaking “


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