Your Spiritual Toolbox 3: Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance is something that you may already have experienced in your meditations, or from a reader at a fair, etc.  You may have visited a psychic or medium, card reader before.

Psychic guidance is something that everyone can learn to work with, it’s a gift to work with it, but not an exclusive club. Sure, some people may naturally connect easier than others. For the rest of us it means practice and exercises!

The 5 (or 19!) Senses

Modern science is constantly expanding. We appear to have have more than the five senses that we are taught at school: We have the possibility of 19 or more:


Visible light


Vibrations in the air


Tactile contact


Chemical molecular


Olfactory molecular


Kinaesthetic geotropic


Repetitious movement


Molecular motion



Eidetic Imagery

Neuroelectrical image retention


Magnetic orientation


Long electromagnetic waves


Short electromagnetic waves


Airborne ionic charges


Pheromonic (i.e. Pheromones) sensing 


Physical closeness


Surface charges


Atmospheric pressure changes


Sensing mass differences

So. we could be renaming the sixth sense as the 20th sense?

Extra Senses

The main types of psychic abilities, the ‘Clairs’ (meaning ‘clear’ in French) and co. are the ones that you may be using all the time without realising. Strengthening your connection to these abilities and building confidence is one of the things I think is important in our spiritual development. Here are some of the main senses we use (often in combination):



Clairalience or Clairolfactance

Nothing to do with aliens! This is using the sense of smell- e.g. picking up psychic smells.


The ability to hear. This includes messages from guides, information and energy downloads from spirit,etc. May appear to you as phantom noises or hearing voices when no one else is in the room.


This is the ‘knowing’ one. The ability to know facts without having researched beforehand.


Psychic tasting, often mentioned by some mediums in readings.


Sensing and obtaining psychic knowledge by feelings.


The most common sense. The ability to ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through extrasensory perception. To receive information from paranormal sources, guides and spirits.


The ability to gain information into a situation using a tool or prop e.g. a tarot/oracle cards, pendulum, runes, teal leaves, crystals


The same as divination, but in the basic sense this is concerned with searching for water, as done by tribal people for thousands of years.


Reading the energy off a piece of clothing, jewellery or something close to that person. Tapping into the conscious memory imprinted on the item.

Remote Sensing

The ability to hone in on a remote place and view in on a situation or place using ESP. You may have done an aspect of this when sending Reiki to a person far away from you.

I would suggest that many mediums or psychics/readers are using a combination of the extra senses, not just one, as they work.

Getting a reading/advice

If you are looking for a reading or advice- sit with how you’d like to receive it. Is it a medium connecting to someone who has crossed over into spirit? Is it a card reading (tarot or oracle)? or is it a personal intuitive connection you are seeking?

Tarot cards are different to oracle cards, tarot can sometimes give a more warts and all approach, whereas some of the oracle cards are purely positive. That’s not to say one is better than the other- they are a different energy and can be very helpful. Each has a strength, it is depending on what style of response you are seeking.

You also may want to try out oracle cards for yourself. Perhaps go along to a group that holds card reading sessions. Hint: If you live in Bristol (UK), my good friend Leonie Cole of the Spirit Tree- Bristol runs periodic Tea and Tarot or Tea and Oracle Card evenings for about £7.

Readings with Energy Therapies

My gifts are more interconnected with the energy therapy sessions- I get more psychic connection, where advice can flow out before, during and after a session.  This is particularly strong with Ka Ba Sum. Sometimes healing sessions are all about the energy, other times they allow the guidance to flow out.

I find it much harder to just zone in for a reading, other than when meditating or holding space for a session. that’s something I am working on to improve my receptivity!

Self Development

You may naturally connect in with any of the extra senses easier than the other. The main thing is going to be to prepare and to practice these skills! Don’t be afraid to make a mistake as this is part of the learning curve.
For example, finding out how you receive the extra information- the difference between your own personal thoughts and external voice(s) is crucial. Learning the discernment can be the difference between just giving someone your opinion and a ‘channelled’ bit of guidance.

You can research some exercises to stretch the pineal gland and your third eye (part of the top chakras that help the connection with source).

So that’s your third tool- Spiritual Guidance. Next up will be energy therapies!

Injoy, inlight and inlove



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