Bring on FABruary!



Make this February a month of love happiness and prosperity. You in?

Sometimes we can feel down about the winter months and February normally gets a bit of a bad reputation- The ‘Month of Mondays’ or the wet dreary month, winter blues, etc. There is no need for this, we actively manifest our reality- so if we set out for a month of dreary, wet, month of Monday morning blues, we will attract just that. As we create our own reality with our thoughts, intent and actions we do need to be careful as to what we do, think and say. We also need to remember to be a little easier on ourselves. That physical or mental self-flagellation is out, for the next month, okay?!

Astrologically, we’re currently have the Sun in Aquarius, moving into Pisces later in February. From the ‘Water-bearer’ to the ‘Water-master’ if you will. The fish marks the end of the zodiac and you need to make sure that you are going with the flow of the tide, not trying to swim upstream, against it all. No need to martyr yourself, every need to love yourself. Which of course, nicely brings up the fact that St. Valentines Day falls halfway through the month, but truly- you owe love to yourself first and foremost before you go showering any loved ones with tokens of affection.

I’m looking to have a ‘FABruary’ month. I am going to be working with what I like doing (holistic therapies) and also working with people to help themselves get better. To help with this, I’m offering 33% of a normal Ka Ba Sum for the month of February- via

Over in Phoenix Amethyst Reiki Land (, I’m offering a discount on the standard Reiki treatments and also- for those who may need a little silliness with their therapies, I have erm, arranged for the Mexican ‘Reikiador’ Kitteh Azul, to visit and am offering the unique style of LuchaReiki for £30 a session. Master Azul, who happens to be the same height and shape as me, performs Reiki in his Reikiador outfit, complete with wrestling mask and *very bad* Jack Black/Nacho Libre impression. It’s still a serious Reiki session, just with the added, er, ‘bonus’ of the Luchador impressions to hopefully make you smile. I’ve been told that I should book him more often, so have arranged for him to available for the whole month. I’m not sure when he will be able to come back!

So, If you’re drawn to book in with me (or Master Azul!), I’ll see you during the month. Regardless of me seeing you or not, make this next month a FABruary- create your own magic and share it with others.

Injoy, Inlight and Inlove,

Phoenix x x


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