April, here we come!

April Update!

I hope everybody had a wonderful March, maybe it was a bit of a mad March, with all the supermoon, eclipse and equinox energy abound.

I’m looking forward to this month ahead, I’m running two meditation evenings as part of The Spirit Tree- Bristol, volunteering for the Starlight Soul Hub mediation evenings (I ran two last month) and venue permitting, will be running an evening of exercise and mediation at the end of the month with the Ka Ba Sum 108 Breaths and Breath of Ra meditation. Stay tuned for an update on that!

Also, I’m still offering, as normal- Reiki and Seichem treatments, Sound Therapy, and the unique Ka Ba Sum Egyptian Energy Therapy. I’ve also picked up some very useful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques, which I’ve been practising on friends.

I’ve left a description of Ka Ba Sum below and more information can be found on the Ka Ba Sum website

Meditation Evenings (sign up via Meetup.com)

The Spirit Tree- Bristol

Tues 14th Apr – Ka Ba Sum: A Taste of Ancient Egypt     £5

Ka Ba Sum is an energy healing that originates from Ancient Egypt and has a connection with higher vibrational energy. I will explain the origins of Ka Ba Sum and the links to the past and also guide you through the Breath of Ra meditation.

The Breath of Ra meditation is an active meditation. To start with, you place your hands above your head (a cupped position) to represent a chalice. You focus your intent on breathing in light energy to the chalice and allow the chalice to fill with light energy until it starts to flow down into your crown chakra and all the way down to your sole chakras in your feet.

The journey then begins, moving into ancient Egypt, you will (if you’ve not seen it before) have your own Great Golden Pyramid revealed to you and you will be invited to go inside.

I will guide you into the Deep Chamber- your inner sanctum and leave you there.
On the way back, we will refresh the major chakra points by using the golden light of the pyramids to cleanse and clear each chakra.

Tues 28th Apr – Signs and Symbols: Your Hidden Symbol     £5

Signs and symbols are powerful connections to our past mysteries and our future pathways. They have been , refined, harnessed, amended and also (sadly) abused by organisations for their own will.

We all have sacred symbols and links to our own true path, our divinity locked deep inside us.

Join me to explore the evolution of symbols of yesterday and today, before journeying in meditation to find the signs and symbols within us that can help unlock our own mysteries!

Starlight Soul Hub (hosted by Kat Day)

Tues 7th Apr – Power Animals £6
Tues 21st Apr – TBC £6

Starlight Soul Hub (Hosting)

Tues 5th May: A Journey to the Stars £6

An introduction to the basics of Astrology and a meditation, guided up into the stars and finding which planet you want to connect to for the evening.

Ka Ba Sum

Ka Ba Sum is a type of energy therapy, based on old Egyptian beliefs concerning the main elements of the soul. Ka Ba Sum concentrates on balancing the relationship of the Ka and Ba elements and introducing Sum (see below). It involves using layers of sound, breath and symbols to bring the energy in.

KA (vital essence) is similar in concept to life force/universal energy, Prana or Chi/Qi.
It is your vital essence, you cannot live without it. The Egyptians saw Ka as a person’s double, like a ghost or energy field moving with you. In some ways this is similar in the perception of the Aura- the energy field that surrounds the body that is quite widely accepted as existing.

BA represents a persons individuality and power. The Egyptians saw this as manifesting as a physical being with its own wants and needs. You might perhaps relate to your Ba being your own power. When you give your power away, you lose part of your Ba element.

SUM is the higher frequency healing aspect (where old meets new, following the 2012 ‘shift’). Sum brings in much needed Divine Feminine energy.

Have a wonderful April everybody!

Injoy, inlight and inlove,

Phoenix xx


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