Hello, and a warm welcome to Holistic Transformation with Phoenix!

I am Phoenix, a holistic Practitioner , astrologer and mentor/coach in the Bristol (UK) area. I offer holistic solutions to help people on their journey through this crazy thing we call life. I have transformed my life, from being unhappy in a dead-end job to living a much more wholesome and enjoyable life. Bristol (UK).  Starting out as a Reiki therapist, I have developed new techniques to help personal, holistic  healing and growth. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, lead meditation groups, and offer specialist therapies and coaching sessions in Bristol (UK).

Picture of Phoenix

I offer the following treatments:

Reiki, a mostly hands-on energy therapy where the therapist acts as the channel for Ki, more commonly known as Chi or Qi (or also Prana or Universal Life Force) to the patient.It is essentially earth elemental energy. Relaxing and resourceful, Reiki is a hugely versatile treatment that is effective on beginners  and master healers alike.

Ka Ba Sum®, an old Egyptian Energy Therapy, that I channeled through after the 2012 ‘shift’  , bringing back into harmony my old connection with Egypt and the the newer energies filtering through ‘post-shift’. Ka Ba Sum focuses on charging and balancing your life force (the Ka) and restoring your own personal power (the Ba element). For more information please take a trip to see my Ka Ba Sum website

Dragon Star* Healing: is a session involving using Elemental Dragon energy. This has been developed in 2015, following a visit to the Dragon Stone and connecting in with some amazing Dragons. Dragon energy is truly amazing and I feel very lucky to be able to share it with others!

Meditation/Exercise evenings: I run frequent meditation evenings in conjunction with the Spirit Tree Bristol. Topics range from Ka Ba Sum Breath of Ra Meditation, to Astrology, Dissolving into the Light, 108 Breaths, Breathing Abundance and Working with Dragons. Advertised on Meetup.com via The Spirit Tree Bristol

Master Training: I am a Reiki Master Teacher (attuned to both ‘Usui system of healing’ Reiki and Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem. I am the Master Teacher of Ka Ba Sum. I now teach both Reiki and Ka Ba Sum.

In addition to the therapies I also offer astrological natal charts- see my Astrology pages for more information.

You can book either a single Reiki session, multiple sessions (aimed at helping a certain problem), distance healing (sent in absence of a face to face session) Reiki with Crystals, Dragon Star* Healing or Ka Ba Sum®. Please see my how to book and pay pages for details.

If you’re not sure, check out my testimonials page for an idea or see my Facebook pages.

Injoy, inlight and inlove

♥ Phoenix  ♥

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Courses >>  Reiki I | Reiki II | Ka Ba Sum Practitioner

Astrology >>  Signs | Houses | Planets


“Just for today, be the miracle”

(c) 2016 Holistic Transformation with Phoenix

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  1. Hey, I am from India and curious to know about the connection between Phoenix and amethyst. Please let me know as it is spiritually important for me.
    Take care, may god bless you.

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