Full Moon Report 16 October 2016

Chaos! Chaos is in the air. No need to panic, just keep your head, your emotions positive. This full moon represents chaos, in the form of change. Change leads to growth and a departure from the past. This is a good journey, but it isn’t always an easy ride to get to the destination.

Whilst trying to compose this report I’ve had errors with my graphical package on my computer, an update disabling my webcam (so no video this month) and intermittent internet coverage. But we get there in the end, so here’s my shorter than normal report.


The two key elements this month are Sun  opposite Moon, as normal. Sun in Libra opposite its polar opposite sign of Aries (Moon). Uranus is also conjunct to the moon in the sign of Aries. Conjunct means either in the same degree or two as another element, here the Moon is 23°, Uranus is 22°. This also means that Uranus is opposite the Sun (in Libra).

Uranus in Aries is unpredictable. This combined with the moon may mean your sleep patterns are all over the place for a bit (that’s been all week for me) and lead to bouts extremes; of eating *all* the things then eating nothing, of sleeping for hours then wide awake, working intensely then almost collapsing into a lethargic pile. It may be a rollercoaster ride for a few days. I’m already feeling into that!

The Energies of Sun and moon are bringing together a challenge of relationships- Libra is all about that, Aries is a sign of the individual, with wants and needs emotionally and physically. Libra is all about sharing, loving, caring and the relationships with everyone. The Libran ego wants to be loved by all, the Aries ego wants to love itself.

The challenge for this month is to keep working through the ‘stuff’ thrown at us, to keep working with the people closest to us. Even if it appears they are a million miles away from where you are headed. If they really are from Mars and you are from Venus. Their uniqueness will help balance yours. The lessons will come from their experience. Their journey and thoughts are as important as yours, but ultimately you have to decide, now, whether they influence you and your path.

The dark aspects of the Aries ego (selfishness) and Libran ego (pride) are working together at this time to challenge us, the challenge is to see past it and to accept the truth of the situation. The ocean tides may be turbulent at this time, but you need to work together to steer the boat through it. Be that a partner, family, spirit or animal guides, God.

Injoy, inlight and inlove,




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