It Is Time To Break The Old Patterns (Shadow and Karma Work)

Do you know how much of a difference your actions take? Does it take 7 billion people to start a global transformation- or just one person, in turn doing something important. Each person makes a difference. You, right now, reading this can help enforce change. Don’t wait around for others to follow, just start doing it now. It will help you,

Here’s the main pattern: somebody does something nasty or wrong to someone. They, in turn, will do something to someone else because they can’t forgive the perpetrator. This is happening every day, millions of people are passing it on, instead of dealing with it in a positive way. It creates cruel world mantras- alive with the energies of spite and distrust and deception. Do onto others before they do to you first. Survival of the fittest, etc. We end up with someone dumping their stuff on someone who in turn is dumping their stuff onto them. A rather horrible energy exchange.

After while of being in the giving and receiving of this horrible existence, we try to do something nice and something experience something bad and that cements out beliefs that this is a cruel world. “Why did I bother?”, we mutter as we relieve the dramas thrust unto us.

In order to break the cycle, we have to stop doing this. It is that simple.

Before we start to explore breaking the cycle- I’d like to point out that this is for those that are feeling ready, if you are not ready to face the pain, the hurt and true feelings we have, if you are unable to process them- do not step forward. If you can’t do this, you are not weak, you just aren’t ready for this. Not everyone will be.

But there is another way. For some people this is their natural disposition anyway, the rest of us have to learn and work at this. When someone does something bad to you, you have to deal with it then and there… DON’T PASS IT ON! Either take it up with the perpetrator or work through redemption and forgiveness in the best way possible for you. The moment you pass that karmic shit on- you encourage it coming back to you from someone else.

To be clear, this isn’t about being a doormat, putting up with other people’s shit. If you punch me in the face, I have to decide whether you to punch me back, but not pass it on to anyone. If your boss is an asshole, don’t take it out on your significant other, your parents, your children, your pets, your friends. Nope. The law of attraction states that like attracts like- pity attracts pity and hate attracts hate. You don’t want to be a hate magnet do you?

So here comes the harder bits. How to deal with anger stemming from being shat on, feeling used and abused, taken advantage of, etc.

This isn’t even about leaving them to get their justice, or even to gain the higher moral ground or sense of being better than the other person- for that just massages our own egos. If you look at it from the point of view that most of us are doing the best that we can with what we know, what we have, we can accept that things do not always have to be fair and equal.

I’d like to add that I speak from a degree of personal experience here. I was bullied and abused at school, being threatened by one individual in particular (who had previously assaulted me) with a screwdriver and another time with a knife. I was young, in fear of my life, thankfully fit, so I was able to run away from the situations. But the situations scarred me for up until a few years ago. I developed M.E. and other illnesses and was scared of life for most of my twenties.

Dealing with the underlying anger and fear at the base of all my beliefs stems from just a few key incidents in my life. Working through this has given me more emotional freedom and more trust in life and people. I have let so much go, to free myself. That has changed my world. It doesn’t mean I am not discerning and careful- but more open to receive than ever before.

Not passing on the crap that we’ve inherited and absorbed has so many benefits, so many for you. I have seen so many people looking so worn out by the burdens they are constantly carrying with them. It is so much better when you can let go, ease yourself of so much pain and burden. Letting go and not passing the crap on helps everyone in the long run.

If you feel ready, lets do this!

Injoy, inlight and inlove,



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