Relax, Your Star Sign Has Not Changed!

Thanks NASA, for sticking your nose in on this one. So the hot rumour that’s spreading around the internet (again) is that you are not the star sign that you think you are. There are massive differences between astronomy and astrology- one is the study of the stars and constellations as THEY ARE and the other is the energy readings and predictions based on the position of the planets as they are DEEMED TO BE.
Yes, it is true that the sky at night has changed over the years, approximately by one degree every 72 years. The constellations are in a different position to where they were 2,000 years ago. In Astronomy we are about a month behind now, so we’re currently with the Sun in Leo, not Virgo. Annnnnd now there’s a new sign too -Ophiuchus. Um, well that’s not new, either. It’s just not generally deemed to be a part of general astrology.

“Astrology is not science”, NASA are said to have declared. But, there is a science to Astrology.  Not that NASA would admit to that, that would be far too controversial. I’m not even sure why they are even interested at all, apart from clickbait(?)

In astrology, the night sky is divided up into twelves sections, with 30 degrees in each, giving the total 360 degree mapping. The planets, as they go around the Sun, move between these 12 measured sections. The position of the planets gives different effects. Over thousands of years, these positions, these measurements have been interpreted. Plus, most people dismiss almost every other aspect of astrology and pick on their solar sign.

The lazy response is that “well there’s like at least half a billion-odd Aries in the world and they aren’t all the same. So, astrology is bollocks. Completely made-up jibberish.
It’s true- not all Aries are alike.  Astrology gives you a multitude of other aspects that make up and form the tendencies of character based on their position. Even taking it down to three markers- Sun, Moon and Rising sign give a much deeper detail into the character tendencies. So it is not complete jibberish, if you look into it in more depth.

zodiac-wheel03Mapping, measuring & interpreting data? Sounds a bit sciencey. Of course, those who don’t believe in astrology in any form will merely scoff at this as pseudoscience. That’s okay. You’re entitled to your opinion. Just remember that there’s good astrology and bad astrology, in the same way as there is good science and bad science.

That the signs no longer match with the sky at night right now DOES NOT MATTER. The measurements, characteristics/traits noted, were mapped out 2,0000 odd years ago by Astrologers.  The fact that people are giving new opinions on the meaning of these positions is a sign of development and progress. The refining is the same thing that the scientific community do. The data of which sign is like which is seemingly pretty accurate. There is no point in renaming them or moving them along. It works as it is. Also, take into account the decans, the thirds of each sign, and cusp periods (the end and beginning, the merging of signs)- that gives a lot more detail.

It’s up to you if you want to believe the hype and start using the 13 sign zodiac, with new dates. You might of course, find that nothing appears right to you.

For everyone else, relax, your star signs have not changed!

Injoy, inlight and inlove,



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