Can Astrology Predict the US Election 2016?


As I normally say, I see astrology as a reader of energies in the cosmos, giving the influences and natal charts give rise to tendencies and traits. I say pretty accurately, as my last few years of doing natal charts has shown me. I also did a chart for the UK Referendum in June, but I didn’t like the look of it so moved on without blogging! So, for a bit of fun, or at least a break from debates and poll updates, I decided to see what astrology says about November 8th 2016.

n.b. For the purpose of this blog, I am staying neutral to both Presidential Candidates.

First up, the natal charts of Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump. Take a look here for in-depth reviews. (

Hilary Clinton (time of birth apparently disputed*)

clinton-h1Highlights: Sun, Mercury, Venus and ascendant all in Scorpio. Piscean moon, Mars and Saturn both in Leo. Air 2, Water 4, Fire 4 , Earth 0 | Polarity 5-5 (Ambivert)

Loves mysteries and will be interested in the dark and secret side of life. Will prefer privacy. Fiercely proud and obsessive.

Donald J. Trump


Highlights: Solar Gemini, with Leo ascendant (Yuh-huh!), Sagittarian moon, Leo Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in Cancer. Air 4, Water 3, Fire 3, Earth 0 | Polarity 7-3 (Strong extrovert)

Sun in 10th House: Career and public image are very important.
Sun conjunct Uranus: Will likely play up to the role of rebel.

Interesting notes: Neither candidate has an Earth sign in their main ten planets or ascendant.

There hasn’t been a Solar Scorpio President since 1923(!) George Bush Senior was also a Gemini.

Scorpios have held office four times (with two additional Scorpio-Sagittarius cuspies. Geminis have held office only twice (Bush Snr. and JFK).

US Election Day, November 8th 2016

nov-8-2016Sun and Mercury in Scorpio | Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius | Moon in Aquarius |
Mars in Capricorn (critical degree) | Jupiter in Libra | Uranus in Aries | Neptune in Pisces |
Chiron in Pisces | Lilith in Scorpio

So here is the chart and the rundown of the aspects. I believe, similar in approach to mainstream science, that it is all about the quality of the data and then the quality of the interpretation that makes it work. It takes a lot of time to breakdown and digest the data to be able to make an accurate prediction. I see it more as the energy being shared around.

Each person has a chart reflecting their character quite well- Clinton as magnetic and powerful with a sense of secrecy, Trump as a super/over-confident adventurous entrepreneur, with a head-strong attitude. Career projections both look as positive as each other. However, when it comes to public reception and service to others 6th/10th houses), Clinton appears strong and steady and Trump suggests unpredictability.

Looking at election day, there is change in the air, a touch of chaos. I can’t tell if there is enough chaos in the air (Aquarian Moon/Lilith in Scorpio) to predict a win for the rebel (trump) or enough magnetism of Scorpio in Sun and Mercury to assist the lure of the favourite (Clinton).Venus in Sag is impulsive but it may mean that the ‘sexy’ vote of Trump may lose appeal before election day. Mars being in the critical degree in Capricorn should influence some grounded sensible action. The Moon and Lilith are causing a stir ,whether that is offset by Mars and Mercury, is debatable. Jupiter is sitting in Libra, which promotes justice in the form of luck.

The aspects, such as Moon square Mercury and Sun sextile Pluto do suggest that perhaps there is more dirty laundry to come out in the final days. Some of the illusion will start falling and a reality check coming through Scorpio sunlight, the Scorpionic messages from Mercury will have the biting tongue to destroy the other near the end.


To read into the influences of the day itself, linking with the career paths and fortune of both individuals, it would appear to me that the astrology is showing a Clinton victory, with Trump falling just short, before a tantrum on a massive scale (Gemini is in two minds and Leo Ascendants positively hate losing). for the winner though, this will be a one-term Presidency.

This looks like this will bring about the beginning of huge political shift in the US. Just because the apparent ‘favourite’ or ‘chosen one’ has won, doesn’t mean the mainstream can rest easy. The challenge is rising, with the Trumps and Sanders straying off the usual paths, others will follow. It may not be until 2024 that we really the change people are looking for, when Pluto leaves Capricorn and heads into Aquarius with Neptune nearing the critical degree in Pisces.

It seems that as the world may be watching, the macrocosm outside will be influencing the microcosm in each American voter. We’ll have to wait and see!

Until next time, pay attention to the stars (inside and out)

Injoy, inlight and inlove



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  1. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    I think the void moon, alone, is enough to make the election unpredictable. Clinton has the lead for now (Oct 20th), but it is as messy and unpredictable as the Moon v/c Bush-Gore in 2000.

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