The Shadow Challenge

Taken from my other site: Ka Ba Sum

We are currently experiencing a massive Shadow Challenge, all around the world. The collective consciousness is raising, the vibration is too- however, we are being manipulated to try and halt the vibration rise. Shadow is testing us. Manipulated? Tested?How? 

Major aspects of the following are doing it, (note: some and not all):
The mainstream newspaper and television media, the politicians, the dis-informers, the people behind it? Those with the money and the power- those with most to lose.

What does this have to do with the shadow? Well, it is that they are using our shadow to separate and disconnect us. The simple ‘divide and conquer’ approach is still stunningly effective in 2016, it would seem. The rise of Trump in the US, Boris and Farage in the UK, it happens because they help us to garnish out own selfishness and greed and quite happily blame just about everybody else for doing it. Shout out loud, “it’s not my fault, it’s all their fault” and all of a sudden you feel a bit better about yourself and have others to vent frustration and anger against to. Just like at a large gathering- a concert or a sporting event, it feels good to feel part of a team, a unity, a togetherness, and that’s why they do it.  So, we are subjected to half-truths and downright lies to bring us together in hatred, fear and at the very least disdain for other people.  This has alarming similarity with the early signs of the conflicts in Europe in the 20th century.  I only used the US and UK as the examples, but this is happening in different ways all over the world. Simply put, guys, we are better than this!

We are being tested by our shadow collectively. Those things that we say, do we really believe them? Are we really buying into the notion, rammed down our throats by a rich elite, that we work hard and all the others are both all shirkers (lazy, layabout, etc.) and also the same people are stealing our jobs at the same time? It’s a convenient reality. More convenient for those in power. They are playing their roles in the shadow challenge perfectly.

Working with the Shadow?
Rather than blaming and deflecting all of our issues and problems to do with other people, we need to get real with ourselves. We don’t need to confront the shadow, we need to look at it without judgement. To reflect. To accept. Only then can we truly see it for what it is. Part of us, part of our truth. When we look at our shadow, we can learn to love it and ourselves completely. Once we accept our imperfections of thought and action, our fears and worries, as well as all the other things- we can love them. Once we love them we realise that everybody else is a imperfect or as perfect as we are. And with those things that we are not comfortable with- we can work on improving them. By accepting the shadow, I do not mean accepting everything as it is and therefore becoming blasé over things that cannot be improved on. For example, casual xenophobism can be seen for what it is- and when challenged can be improved upon.

We start by working on ourselves, loving ourselves- accepting ourselves. Once we do this, we realise how powerful we are within ourselves and as a collective.

Let’s look at the real issues, where is the power being held? Is it by the immigrants? Is it by the starving people, or the refugees? is it disabled people? or is it somewhere else?  We can have that feeling we get from being at a concert, or sporting event, we can feel together, to unite- but we don’t have to do it coming from a place of fear and hatred. Those  of us that feel strong enough can stand up and say “NO MORE”, we believe in unity and togetherness and we want a fairer and equal world. When we do this, eventually, the rest of the people will gain strength in themselves. Working with the shadow can be a very scary thing to do- to accept ourselves warts, scars and all. The more we do this though, the more we grow personally and THAT is what other people are scared of. POWER. They want it for themselves, but there’s plenty of it to go around- enough for all.

Injoy, inlight and inlove



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