Scorpio Full Moon – April 21/22

Oh look here, it’s another full moon. April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon. It won’t actually appear as being pink, and this full moon is definitely not ‘pink and fluffy!’ Yep, here we are, deep, dark and challenging Scorpio folks! But don’t hide in your bed-fort just yet, ok?!

Last year, the Scorpio full moon absolutely floored me! Scorpio is a very deep emotional full moon, my friends. This year’s offering could be quite intense again. Saying that, it is a time to check the EGO! When the moon is full, EGO loves to come in and take over- making a drama out of a crisis. What makes a deeper crisis? The deep, deep waters of Scorpio. So, just bear in mind the ego check, before proceeding with this. (I honestly wish I’d remembered this last year!)


-There’s four planets currently retrograde- Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Next week there will be five- so that’s a lot of transformation and transmuting of ways of being to come. Reflection, releases and progression for the soul are all themes of this retrograde period.

-There’s no air, man! Not enough air to breathe? From an astrological perspective, yes! None of the planets are in air signs right now. With the moon leaving balanced, cardinal and airy Libra into deep reflective and intuitive Scorpio (fixed water), there’s no time for new ideas- time to make what you’ve got suit you better!

-The full moon is along the Taurus – Scorpio (Earth – Water) axis. Emotions heightened, sensuality heightened and the battle for dramas and security could be aplently. The thing is, neither Taurus or Scorpio energies are subtle. Both like to tell it how it is and Taurus is stubborn. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus too- it’s time to clear some old things… and it can be done in a loving and gentle way…if we allow it. The drama is just part of the illusion.

The main thing to remember about the Scorpio full moon is that can make it seem like everything is falling apart. It can dig deep and find those hidden fears and bring them up from challenging. Knowing that, is half the battle (I think!). Old flames may pop into your head, the old ‘what-if’s’, ‘why am I not good enough’, the ‘it’s not fair’ and  other types of drama as Taurus and Scorpio do battle. It’s okay, we get through this.

Hedonism is also raising it’s head for this full moon. Taurus loves gorging on the excesses of materialistic sensual heaven, whilst the deep swallowing waters Scorpio is wanting to devour souls and eat them for breakfast. And then have them once again. Then discard them. If you find your sexual energy is rising rapidly- have fun but remain cautious of illusions and deceptions that can deceive us during this time. Again, check that ego and try as best to remain true to yourself. Each soul is valuable and should not be used, mutual agreeable fun is always good for the souls(!)


The Challenge

So, with all of this in mind, the challenge for this full moon is to allow the clearings to happen, top ride the tide and not go under into the deep watery dramas and crisis that comes from Scorpio’s emotional challenge. Mercury is giving us another way of communicating, another point of view. Use it wisely, check your ego and allow yourself to make the decisions with a balanced mind. Emotionally, you may be challenged, so try your best to let things flow- ups and downs are part of life and with the potential to make massive progress to letting old things go- play your cards right and you’ve got a fantastic ride ahead.

My mantra for this one is:
” I feel pushed and pulled in opposite directions.
As emotions and communications scuffle,
I play my cards with a balanced mind,
And allow the clearings to feel subtle”

Remember- YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH and you ARE WORTHY- but so is EVERYONE ELSE! Good luck!

Phoenix xxx



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