Full Moon in Pisces 2015 (Super Moon)

Full Moon in pisces graphic with poem

You might already be feeling the effects of the Full (and super) Moon in Pisces on Saturday. Yep, the effects can be noticed by people a few days before and afterward. The most powerful time is the ‘main three days’, with a day either side of the full moon.

As we currently have the Sun (Vitality/Character) in earthy Virgo, Venus (Love) sitting in Leo (currently still retrograde) it all comes together with the supermoon (emotions) in Pisces. Time to mix spirit and science, masculine and feminine, the head and the heart- time to balance it all out.

Pisces is both the heady hippy soul who wants connection and the child who wants to play. both aspects are to do with others as well as higher energy  (connection isn’t always with other people, and play can be all in your head). Virgo is earthy, hard-working, virtuous and somewhat innocence. The polarity of the two (as with any full moon) is a great eye-opener. Yes, get on with it-but make sure you balance it with fun. What’s the point of human existence, if all you ever do is work?

If you can do things to make you happy, or are working on it – the full moon energy is great to help you on your way. If you are not happy with things, check-in to get the big ol’ supermoon standing right up in your grill – “So what you gonna do about it?”, she says.  The answer just might be shining right into your eyes. Inspiration. You can find another way…

“Balance service between yourself and others,
Between our fathers and our mothers,
Between the physical and spiritual world
As we let our story become unfurled”

Mercury (The messenger-communications) has just moved out of Virgo and into Libra- the scales. Balance, justice- be fair on yourself and others. Compassionate but not too easy to affect yourself.

Saturn (Logic-reason) is also back in Scorpio until next month giving us a very deep reality check.  This is such a fabulous time for all of the fog to dissipate and get real- not logical real – but hand on heart and soul- real. Then when truly honest on all levels, check in with the head to get things moving.

Injoy, inlight and inlove



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