Astrology: Natal Charts – Get to know thy self

As we now step into September, there is reflection in the air. As the Sun begins to end is strongest time of year and begins to settle down to maximise the crops of the Southern Hemisphere, it begins to fade her in the North.

Our natal chart gives us clues and reference points to our own character, our perceived character and tendencies that can develop in the ‘right environment’.

I’ve really enjoyed doing the charts recently, giving some fascinating insight to people and some real ‘aha!’ moments where they’ve said “Oh, so that’s why I…”

If you’re looking to change, develop and/or grow, getting to know what was around at the moment you were born can be a great help.

Astrology_page1.2 Astrology_page3.2


I offer introductory natal charts for £30. You will receive a 9-12 page pdf file with charts and reviews of the planets, houses, black moon Lilith, Chiron and the Nodes of the Moon.

For more information, see my Astrology pages.

Edit: Paypal seems to have stopped working for some reason so I will only accept payment by direct bank transfer or cash (in Bristol) at the moment. I’m hoping to get this sorted out soon. 


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