Welcome, Virgo!

So, the Sun moved into Virgo today, and we look towards the full moon in Pisces on the 29th August. The Sun moving into Virgo takes us away from proud, outgoing and Leo and gives us a time of preparation and reflection. Virgo arrives to innocently order and organise the tasks needed to be done, to get ready for harvest.

The midpoint of the zodiac is nearly reached, the path of the Sun is beginning to descend to a point where, in a months time, it goes into Libra to be weighed in the scales of judgement.

The full moon in Pisces will be a wonderful opportunity to look at how we maintain our balance between the physical world and the spiritual. Balance work with pleasure, make sure you connect with spirit, but keep your feet on the ground.

Enjoy the week ahead, there’s work (and fun too) to be had.

“And so to Virgo, the Sun has headed,
The end of summer is now feared and dreaded,
But I will look at what needs to be done,
I will harvest my crops whilst still having fun,
And the summer season has not ended,
The festivals, the fair is a time most splendid,
For we will ride the fairground once more,
Mixing enjoyment and work like never before”

The rewards are out there, Virgo gives us a grounded and earthy approach to getting on with it… but try not to be overcritical with yourself and others.

Phoenix 🌟☀


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