Happy Solstice from Phoenix Amethyst Reiki

Wishing you a very sun-kissed day.


The Sun is at the highest point today.  At the tropic of Cancer it is the highest point at which the sun can be seen directly overhead. Funny enough The solstice markers of the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer also mark the changeovers from Gemini into Cancer (June) and Sagittarius into Capricorn (December). Maybe those old crazy astrologers and scientists were on to something ^_^

I’ll be sending Reiki as part of the eighth  world wave of Reiki. It is held at 12 noon, your local time. The wave of Reiki being sent to us all starts in the east and ends in the west. Like the setting sun, a wave of Reiki to mark this glorious marker of the year. If you do Reiki, why not join in.

If not, why not just bask in the glorious wave of Reiki being sent around the world today. It is for everyone, after all ❤

InJoy, Inlight and Inlove


Phoenix Amethyst


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