Nearly a ton-up! Phoenix Amethyst Reiki

Well, my facebook page is sitting happily with 98 ‘likes’ and I am sincerely thankful for all those that have liked my page. It might seem like a little thing, but it really does help!

To celebrate reaching 100 likes, when I do, I will be offering a free Reiki treatment* to one of the ‘centurions’- chosen at random. So, if you’ve not liked my page and would like to enter please like my page soon! If you know anyone who would like a Reiki treatment, get them to enter by liking the page too! Sharing the love may bring the positive Karma back to you 😉

Injoy, Inlight and Inlove

Phoenix Amethyst

*The lucky person will receive a voucher, which can be made out to them or somebody else. If the recipient is outside of Bristol and we are unlikely to meet due to travel restraints, I will send three twenty minute Reiki treatments for free instead 🙂



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