Time to enter the Relaxation Zone?

Are you making time for yourself? Are you finding a safe space to relax?

If the answer is no, maybe I can help you. Why not try one of my relaxation zone sessions at Enso Healing Rooms in Bristol. Customised sessions, in a safe space to relax, where you will receive a combination of healing (Reiki/Ka and crystal) and a customised one-to-one guided meditation.

1 hour for £35 or book in for a double session at only £50 (2 hours).

Also available from Phoenix at Enso’s:

Reiki, Dragon Star and Ka Ba Sum Egyptian (Inter-Dimensional Healing)

Book in now on 0775 872 4919 or email: phoenix.amethyst@gmail.com or @phoenixamethystreiki on Facebook.

RelaxationZone1Book NOW


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