Don’t build a bubble that you can’t see out of

“You shape your own reality.” “Be careful with your thoughts, you shape your own destiny” and “The universe matches your thought patterns so that like attracts like” are very common phrases that are used in our spiritual teachings. I’m not knocking them for one minute, far from it, however, I would like to add something to them, a question, in fact: “What is your reality?”

Without trying to be pedantic, I think this a very good question to ask. Trying to be your authentic spiritual self is a complex maze of anecdotes and somewhat contradictory statements. So knowing what you mean by your reality is actually very important to understand.

You know the age-old question ‘If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound’, well that’s the equivalent here. If a non-spiritual person is suffering, do you need to see/feel it?

With raising consciousness and a love for all thing highly spiritual, we can remain on a ‘high viber’ diet and create a beautiful bubble to live in. Life is great and you are drawn to other highly vibrating/highly conscious individuals, but you are also drawn to throw out (the letting go of those that don’t serve us business) those that clearly aren’t there on the highly spiritual spectrum. You know that your bubble will be slightly deflated because of them, and that’s a no-no.

In effect, you’re either leaving them for (spiritual) dead, or, asking someone or something else to help them with their awakening/enlightenment/ call it what you will. But life in your bubble will be just fine, so that’s okay. I mean, we let them go ‘with love’, or at least that’s what we say. As they are no longer in your bubble, you won’t have to deal with the fallout as to how you let them go. I don’t think it should be a one-size fits all approach. Did people give time to you, when you were being difficult or were troubled? What would have happened if they’d effectively said that you were killing their buzz so they can’t be friends any more?

By creating a reality based on all things bright and beautiful, it puts you in a place where you can receive great messages, you feel great – but you may find it hard to come to terms with some of the harsher realities of this physical world. Whereas most of it may be truth, your authentic reality, you may be, in practice, lying to yourself. It is in vogue.

And therein lies the problem. 2016 saw massive success for two allegedly compulsive liars on the political stage. They appeared to lie so much that they believed it. In effect, they created their own reality, their views were better than anyone else’s and everyone else (especially those armed with facts) were dishonest spin doctors. Because they held that energy with such conviction, others bought in to it big time. I think partially, because some of the half-truths, or possible truths struck a chord. The thing was these people were saying what they thought you wanted to hear and it worked. They created a reality for people where the opponents were corrupt and dishonest, they were the saviours.

But of course, we’re too clued up and enlightened to fall for any of that, aren’t we? I’ve always thought that the books, courses and videos were for guideline purposes- to help you on your way to finding your own truth and passion/reason for this existence. They are useful but we shouldn’t blindly follow people’s mantras without running them past our true selves first. ”Is that right/true?” we can check-in.

Creating bubbles for protection is a useful technique and can help ward off psychic attacks and things like that, but living in a bubble forever can do as much harm as good. It can also become an addiction. We can become addicted to our lie- our chosen reality.

There’s a huge difference between not actively lapping up the daily toxic fear-based news and distractions, to plainly ignoring anything that’s going on in the world if it doesn’t affect your bubble. Yes we don’t need to know what [Trump, Hopkins, et al.] just said. We don’t need to waste our energy and thoughts on that stuff. But we shouldn’t ignore everything. We need people not just to hold the light, unconditional love and high vibrations, but also to actually do things physically. We need people on the ground, teaching, helping, (helping with someone’s) healing, etc. You can hold the light for these people, you might be one of the troops on the ground. We just need to check that we’re not just pushing all bad news and affected people away, just because it’s difficult.

There’s a huge difference between not actively lapping up the daily toxic fear-based news and distractions, to plainly ignoring anything that’s going on in the world if it doesn’t affect your bubble.

For the protesters at Standing Rock, many of them probably weren’t ‘spiritual’ people, but they held a good vibration level and apart from anything else, felt the need to take a stand against something that was morally wrong. There are lots of beautiful souls out there that are not so-say ‘spiritual people’ and if you stay in your exclusive spiritual-only bubble, you will likely miss meeting them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this insight, this isn’t an attack on anyone, just an observation as to what can happen when spiritual elitism takes into effect.

Injoy, inlight and inlove

Phoenix 🙂 ❤

TD;DR: Use your ‘bubbles’ for protection when you need it, not all the time. If you don’t, you’ll probably push away far too many people that would help (you, them or both) and you might not make a connection because the person you actually need is “not very spiritual”. 




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