Full Moon Review :January 2017 ‘Deal or no deal’ Moon!

Full Moon Report: 12 January 2017 | Moon in: Cancer | Time :11:34 AM(UTC)

Welcome to the first full moon review of the year, falling on the twelfth day of the year. Welcome to the moon being full in Cancer whilst sitting opposite a sun very much in Capricorn.

January’s Full Moon is at 22° in the sign of Cancer, meaning there’s two Cardinal heavyweight signs going head to head with each other… No, wait! Make that all four(!) as there is a Grand Cross formed as Jupiter and Uranus join in the showing. Jupiter is in Libra (helpful) and Uranus is in Aries (umm, maybe helpful?!). Grand Crosses are always a sign of major disruption and tension, possibly the Cardinal one’s are the strongest to deal with as, well, they’re all Cardinal signs fighting for supremacy as to how they influence us and our surroundings.

Jupiter vs Uranus often brings out the worst in people with differences, increasing the divide between them. Aries vs Libra is a fight for justice and resolution and the need to talk against the need to not talk. Sun vs Moon is always an interesting challenge between the physical self and the emotional self. Capricorn is earthly, Cancer is water- a real muddying of the waters.

The high lunar activity brings out the emotions and instincts to the fullest and Cancer is the home sign of the moon, so emotionally it is readying the tidal wave. However, Capricorn in Sun is not going to let the emotional cancer have it all it’s own way. Capricorn is mostly a strong, grounded and hard-working sign. It doesn’t well up in tears very five minutes normally and it’s not going to start now. Goats don’t like crying.

Saturn is an ally here, being in Sagittarius and going about it’s chirpy adventurous self trying to break the tension of the Grand Cross. Saturn is here to offer “Deal or no deal”, we’ve a logical solution to all this– do you want to hear it? Well, do you?

Also helping is the fact that Mercury turned direct a few days ago (thank goodness), it’s also in Sagittarius, meaning that communications should be much better than they would have been a week or so ago(!)


The Full Moon Challenge

The Challenge for this full moon and proceeding days are really to grasp control of the emotional self that can be thrown against the wall at this time. Capricorn wants to get on with it, Cancer will do too, but is always making its own waves to swim against. This moon will enhance your feelings, maybe highlighting what is missing in your needs department. What do you need, do you have it and why not. Capricorn and Sag are there to help walk you through it. As normal, strong feelings should not be ignored and you may need to cry or shout it out before you can think about settling it.

How to get through it

Breath work and Meditation are always good allies to have during a full moon, but I would be armed with a pad and a pen. Be prepared to write it all out- no matter how sad, self-deprecating or ungrateful any of the words might be. These words may hold the key to working through the things that you feel are blocking success, happiness and love. Once you’ve written it all down you can, again, focus on the slow breath, meditate or rest, do Tai Chi/Qi Gong, etc. Then come back to what is written and look into patterns, keywords and maybe even what you haven’t written down. Then you can look for resolution- be it more writing, talking it out, ignoring someone for a while(!), card readings, etc. Whatever it need be.

Good luck fellow Full Moon friends, see you on the other side

Injoy, inlight and inlove





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