End of the year. Don’t lose the faith

Oh my word. 2016 has been quite an eye-opener of a year. A global wake-up, a global shadow. A time where the western world finally  caught up to the damage that is going on all over the world. A huge raising of consciousness, as portal after portal opened up and waves of the ‘new paradigm frequency came in’. It is because of this, in part, that this year has been so hard for so many people. We all seemed to receive the ‘need for change’ message, but not the ‘how to’ message.

Rising consciousness isn’t always easy to cope with. In our sheltered 3D bubbles, we (well, most of us) have been experiencing everything in the physical, not truly in the divine heart space. Each experience comes to us in the form that we interpret as a threat or a treat- we interpret as a drama, an action… something that needs a reaction of some kind. And there we have it, KABOOM! our entire comfort zones have been blasted wide open in 2016. People interpret information differently, we’re all individuals, but there can sometimes be a collective interpretation in play. This year we’ve had a mass awakening to the need for change. It’s like being inside a jam jar full of  ‘stuff’ and someone has just upset all the sediment that was residing in the bottom. It feels like the world is operating from a place of broken unity and inequity, in terms of money, power, love and well, everything. The individual interpretation of this awakening is key to understanding how it can vary so wildly amongst people. Change is a tricky thing, it often taps in to our personal preferences of how things should be done.

When done with empathy and a wanting for equity, it looks more like the Bernie Sanders camp. Let’s be more equitable and stop a small elite running the show only for their (and their mates/allies) benefit. Let’s try  and make this good for everyone.

Without that same empathy, comes a different angle. With more fear, comes a more selfish approach, in my opinion. The fear appears to be about missing out, being less important that we used to, not special any more. There also appears to be a fear of new change, meaning that they want to change things back to how they were in the ‘good old days’.  We can’t go back. It is those that feel that they lose their privilege that try to prevent other’s growth. It’s like saying “I want to go back to the 1800s, as long as I’m one of the high society people, not the servants- that wouldn’t be worth living for”.

So as we move in to 2017, be kind and be fulld of love and hope- we’re trying to build something great here- for all of us to enjoy. DON’T GIVE UP NOW, WHEN IT LOOKS OFF COURSE. There’se still a lot of work to do and it is so worth doing. Here’s to the next year and steps forward. Keep the faith!

Injoy, inlight and inlove



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