Full Moon Report 13-14 December 2016

As Christmas approaches, there isn’t always that much time to stare into the sky at night, to wonder at the planets and stars. Also, at least here in the UK, it’s a bit nippy out there.
This December’s full moon is in the early hours of the morning (14th @00:55) in the UK. So that’s about 7:05pm /4:05pm in the US (13th December, ET/PT)

So what has this one got for us? Well we have the old familiar story of the Sun and Moon in opposition. This one is Gemini (Moon) vs Sagittarius (Sun).


As you can see in the centrepiece, there’s a lot going on, with a lot of discord amongst the stars.

Let’s start with the basics first:


Mercury is in Capricorn (alert! going retrograde on the 19th), Venus and Mars will both be in Aquarius and all that unpredictable energy, Jupiter has been making it’s way through Libra and has been asking for balance and justice (although it may be somewhat skewed by Aquarius and Aries, “we want change, chaos, change!”, “we want it now!”). That mixing with Saturn in Sag, has been  quite an eye-opener in a quest for truth. If you’ve read anything about the fake news debacle, well, that’s Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus at work, imo!).

Twin Peaks
The Sign with two brains is both a gift and a curse at the same time. Many Gemini’s are in two minds about everything, though in a different way to Libra’s indecisiveness. Gemini represents the mind, it wants to do, learn and play it all, now. The trouble is sometimes picking a priority first. And that is harder when you are in two minds- as Gemini often is.

And now we have the full moon in this mutable air sign. So what does this bring into the equation?

Gemini Full Moon vs Sagittarius Sun
The polarity of this combination is that of  approaching things. They actually have a lot in common, both of these signs like learning and seeking answers. How they get there and how they deal with them are very different. Airy Gemini is a twin (seeking its other twin takes up time, in this dimension or the next) and ruled by Mercury- the messenger. Mercury is in its element in Gemini and often overloads with information! This is what may be going on for you right now- OVERLOAD! Emotional overload. Fear and panic have been drilled into us for the past few year. My goodness it’s been ramped up in the past months. Well, now it is time for transition, THIS IS THE MENTAL PURGE! Yes,the time is upon us to pierce the veils of deception and distraction. Find out who you are and what you stand for here, all the pieces are in place now.

The Challenge
So with Sagittarius providing a quest for the truth as the firey Sun sign, we now use this time, this opportunity to look past all the deceptions being placed upon us now and move on. Not to dangle too long in the quest for the truth and justice (sorry, Sag.)  and just start learning and growing with information (in whatever form) at your disposal. Distractions are abound, so try to move away from them or ignore them. It really does not matter who is right or wrong, it is the way it is- now lets change what needs changing.

Having all the tools
Looking at things we really do. There’s a combination at play, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus all in place along with a good placement of Lilith in Scorpio- to really dig down deep and get at the guts of things. Of course, you may be lead of track by Lilith, feeling everyone is against you at this time- but it’s an illusion- an opportunity to stop and change path. Stop clinging on to those things that don’t serve (either party) or don’t help you give true service. The opposition of the Sun and Moon is nothing to the other things going on! But don’t worry, this is where the game can change- the discord is roughing it up to make things better -the Mutable T-Square and a Mystic Rectangle!

mystic-rectangleIf you can, work on a letting go ritual to release all the things holding you back at this time. From a clearer perspective you can work through the plans and programs that you need to advance from/with. What a wonderful way to be ending the year (even with Mercury’s pending retrograde activity!).

Keeping your Cool
At this time, don’t take it all to heart. Problems that come up are to be resolved, for the betterment of all. You might not like the message, but don’t shoot the  messenger. If you can take a small amount of time out of the bubble- social media, work, family- all the better. It’s very to lose yourself in all that- this moon is about to challenge you… to become you(!) Meditation is like medication at this time. It’s a busy mental couple of days- don’t worry about going overboard, or that you’re doing ‘ALL the things’. This is a ride of the transformer- mental transformation, mental strength of character. It is all for our growth.

I have no mantra for this month- just a request- Return to who you are, not who everybody else wants and expects you to be. Know yourself, learn to love the you. For the greatest version of 2017 to be possible…

Injoy, inlight and inlove

Phoenix xx

N.b.The Mystic Rectangle is the Moon, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn- all within 3 degrees of each other. Fire and Air intensifying our perception and feelings of emotion logic, magic and justice.

The Mutable T-Square is  The Sun, Moon and Chiron. The Self, The Emotional being and the wounded healer. Fire, Air and Water. 


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