Mercury Retrograde Aug 30th-Sep 22nd

Yes, Mercury is retrograde once again. Yes we will have some things go awry concerning communications e.g. my computer has gone funny , so I’m writing this on my phone… wifi keeps going on and off. The usual.

Mercury is known as the messenger. When Mercury is retrograde, it is trying to communicate in a different way. Our messengers are persistent. This means that some arguments will get resolved, new ones made, some ‘eh?…WTF’ interpretations of your messages between others.

Just know that if communications seem suddenly weird, it’s because the message is coming from a different angle or aspect. We may interpret them as they were intended, or not so. Look at why the message looks, sounds, seems or feels different. Therein lies the clue.

Keep calm, it’s only blimmin’ Mercury retrograde… until 22 September!



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